NAD Masters Serries M33 DAC/Streamer/Integrated Amp

At CES 2020, NAD just announced the introduction of their new M33 all-in-one amp (DAC/Streamer/Integrated Amp). Although it was known they were working on such a unit for awhile, the word now is that it will be available in March. It appears to be a very sweet Do-Everything integrated solution. I was planning on getting an Anthem STR Integrated Amp to be used with my Oppo UDP-205 (stereo DAC capability) as the dedicated stereo setup running in conjunction with my Marantz SR-7012 AVR multi-channel surround setup that I have now. However, the M33 looks like it might be an even more ideal unit for what I want.

The M33 has BluOS capability, and, although nothing has appeared in print as of yet, I imagine it will be RoonReady. My concern is that I have read multiple posts in the past where some of the BlueSound/BluOS units do not always play nicely with Roon (and I think I remember reading some stuff about NAD receivers having similar issues, either with Roon or playback of some of the higher-resolution recordings). However, this unit looks to be primo in many ways, and if it does what it is supposed to do, would save some $$$ (was eventually planning to get one of the very expensive Cocktail streamer/DACs to use with the Anthem). Also, I have some concerns about the accuracy of the projected power ratings (although this uses the new Purifi Class D amps, which have very excellent specs). My question is for current Bluesound and NAD owners, how reliable is your equipment i.e. Streamers, AVRs, Integrateds, etc, in terms of playing with Roon and Hi-Rez? Included below are a couple of photos of the M33:

Roon readiness


I had a look on the NAD site, and it wasn’t immediately clear, but what can you do with those two expansion slots?

From the Darko article
The M33’s already extensive connectivity can be expanded still further via a pair of MDC slots – a list of currently available modules can be perused here.

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