NAD T 758 A/V Surround Sound Receiver -network player without network input )

the one is presented here as Roon ready network player. But there is no network input for it even with extention module. May be it is mistake to include it to list?

Perhaps one of the MDC modules makes it network ready?

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You found it! Thanks.
Anyway it is strange that pdf data sheet is the only place where it’s mentioned about it.
There is nothing in pdf manual and website specification.


Not only do you need one of the new MDC cards, like the VM130 for the NAD T758, but then the BluOS ‘upgrade kit’ which plugs into the USB slot on the VM130. You can then access the BluOS setup in the T758’s menu, upgrade the firmware, and then you’re away.


Thank you Cordon for feedback
It looks like
1.MDC VM300 (MSRP US$599) +BluOS™ Upgrade Kit (MSRP US$199) to be added for T758 (before V3)
2.Starting from V3 -all this stuff is included