NAD T 758 V3 opinions

I couldn’t make HDMI CEC work properly on my previous receiver Onkyo 818, so I just disabled it on NAD. I’m using Logitech Harmony remove to turn on receiver, select input channel and a preset (with Dirac curve).

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Thank you for the feedback Konstantin,

I struggled a lot with the CEC on the NAD (it did not work reliably) and in the end I gave up on the receiver. I encountered and additional switching glitch with the Blue OS module and finally decided to return it.

Many thanks

Actually, after playing with NAD setup I manage to get CEC exactly as I want:

  • turn off AVR source switching by CEC command
  • audio return channel working from TV to receiver

This allows me to both use devices connected to by AVR (HTPC and PS4) and at the same time use TV, with all sound going via receiver.