NAD T 758 V3 opinions

Goodmorning Roon friends :slight_smile:

Has anyone used / purchased the new T 758 V3? If so could you share your experience of using it with Roon?

I am thinking of getting one for a holiday flat and I am trying to figure out if it will work without the the sync problems I had when I owned the Bluesound Node 2 and Pulse Flex. These worked well but they would not stay in sync (as detailed in past threads). I have since moved to using Allo and IQaudio RPI3 setups which work great.

Has anyone perhaps tested the T 758 V3 as part of Roon mutiroom sync?

I realise the T 758 V3 only allows wireless connectivity for Roon. Is that a problem considering that Roon recommends against that for best SQ and stability?

Any other bugs / issues?

Any advice would help me greatly :slight_smile:
Many thanks

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I had one on loan for some weeks waiting for my NAD T 777 v3.
It works fine over Wi-Fi, including multi-room sync with Bluesound Node 2 and Bluesound Pulse Soundbar.
There is still an issue with BluOS using an old version of RAAT but I assume it will be resolved some day.
Dirac Live compensates largely for that though.

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Thank you for the feedback and that is very helpful indeed :slight_smile:
Just to double check, did syncing via Roon work well with this old RAAT version?

When I had a Pulse Flex and a Node 2 they would go out of sync within 5 minutes (when grouped via Roon). BluOS app worked fine of course.


I did not experience syncing problems yet, but I do not use it a lot with Roon.
I mainly use the Node 2 to stream audio from the TV set in the living room to the Pulse soundbar in the open kitchen.

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I see in several threads that BluOS released an update solving the RAAT issue.

Release notes here.

Support USB to Ethernet adapter on T758v3


Listening to it right now - keeping perfect sync with BluOS MDC carded 390DD integrated in the other room.

758 v3 sounds and looks great, and is very easy to setup and use. It also shows cover art over HDMI in a very clean, and simple way. The NAD EARS mode is so pleasant to listen to on a variety of sources in my theater setup. But Dirac Live is the clincher. Way easier than my other experiences using Dirac.

Strongly recommended.


Thank you very much for the great feedback

You can run it cabled by using a USB to Ethernet converter. My guess is that there is no performance difference compared to the 777 which might also run its Ethernet over the USB bus.

It is a great receiver, but disappointing that Roon on he Blueos module does not support multichannel.

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The BluOS module is 2.0 by design. Nothing to do with Roon. :slightly_smiling_face:
But you can play back using the NEO:6 or EARS listening modes:

NEO: 6
Two-channel recordings, whether stereo or surround-encoded, are reproduced with NEO:6 surround with output to front left/right, center and discrete left/right surround channels plus subwoofer (assuming these are present in the current “Speaker Configuration”). The T 758 provides two DTS NEO:6 variations – NEO:6 Cinema and NEO:6 Music.

Two-channel recordings, whether stereo or surround-encoded, are reproduced with proprietary NAD surround processing with signal output to the front left/right, center and discrete left/right surround channels, plus subwoofer (assuming these are present in the current “Speaker Configuration”). EARS does not employ the surround back speakers (if any).

I know it is not Roons fault, but it is still disappointing since Roon can do multichannel and the 758 is a multichannel receiver. So I think it is a fair point to mention and something many including myself did not think about when buying.
I suspect it does not support it for the same linux kernel reasons RPI does not.

I’ve got 758 v3 replacing my Onkyo 818. I do not have any issues with Roon. Where I do have issues is with Jriver (which were absent with Onkyo), sometimes my Windows HTPC detects its as some other HDMI soundcard which doesn’t advertise supporting high bit rates. Solved by restarting receiver.

I have no dropouts using wireless after recent firmware updates, initially I had dropouts, but my 2.4GHz network is really bad for some reasons. You can actually connect it wired by byingUSB-Ethernet adapter (NAD support told me that).

Maybe I configured Dirac incorrectly, but I enjoy Dirac-less music more, comparing to previous Onkyo (where I also used Dirac from my HTPC). It makes voices a bit dry even though I ended up limiting Dirac frequency band till around 150Hz.

What I do lacking in 758 is Audyssey Dynamic Volume which is quite good for movies.

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Great to hear :slight_smile:
I just got one as well and have been testing it for the past 2 days. I have not yet tried Dirac but I am counting on it to resolve some bass resonance issues (along with some sibilance) that always plague my living room (lots of shiny surfaces and no option of room treatment). I will gladly accept voice dryness (in theory) in exchange for a more balanced sound in my terrible living room.

I managed to setup BlueOs and it works great with Roon. I have a good router and the receiver is only 3 m away from it so the wireless reception is super so far.

Without dirac and with a pair of Dynaudio M10 speakers I am getting great sound up to medium volume settings. Beyond that, some bass boom and a bit of sharpness in the cymbals and female voices (as always in my room).

Happy so far but I will need to try Dirac for a final verdict.


I just got the NAD last week and so far very impressed. I have not set up Dirac, but without any setup, it definitely sounds much better than the Yamaha Aventage that I had before this.

I also have a Node2, and wish the BluOS had more usable features without having the use the windows app to set up playlists and add albums to play.

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To solve bass problems it makes sense to consider moving speakers or listening positions, you can do some investigation with REW and a mic supplied with 758.

Thanks Konstantin, totally agree this is the optimal approach. Actually this is what I did a while back and ended up with a pair of sturdy stands, positioned 1m from the back wall, sofa moved away from wall, etc etc. Sounded a lot better for sure but the living room compromises were too great for me. I therefore decided on an alternative approach: Dirac.

I have actually just competed the Dirac setup and the sound is superb even with speakers placed close to wall without stands (on tv cabinet). Very impressed considering the sub optimal speaker placement.

Really liking the NAD so far… .very dynamic sound and Dirac works wonders :slight_smile:

One problem though… HDMI ARC seems quite problematic and buggy. Switching from one source to the other… streaming Roon sometimes results in no sound

… lots of bugs and glitches with HDMI ARC unfortunately. For example: If I activate my apple TV (HDMI to receiver input) then (as expected) this activates the receiver and in turn the tv also turns on. All good. If however I happen to turn on the TV first using my samsung remote then the receiver becomes confused. It does turn on (as expected) but the audio does not work and instead the tv speakers activate…

If I stream via Roon then 50% of the time the tv will also turn on to show the cover art. Rest of the time TV stays off which is what I hope. Having the TV display cover art is nice but sometimes I just want the music without the screen. I can turn off the tv using the samsung remote but that then creates another problem… read on:

Another example: Trying to stream to the receiver as this is on standby, either via Spotify or Roon is a hit and miss. It does come out of standby but I get no audio. I have to stop and start playback 2-3 times in order to finally get the audio to work.

A bit disappointed and perplexed.

Edward, do you always have the TV on when you stream music to the NAD? Did you try to turn the tv off by any chance and if so does it cause HDMI handshaking issues?

I am more than familiar with handshake issues but have NEVER experienced them with the 758 with any source. The display I use on the system with the 758 is actually a panasonic projector, but I have used the receiver many times with the projector off and had no problems.

If only every device was as easy to use with Dirac as this one…