Nad T778 any suggestions

Got a T778 in and liking it very much, it’s not without its quirks but so far it’s as good as my Naim Atom with the bonus of it being a surround reciever to.

I am not having the best of time with av presets, maybe I am just not getting what can and cannot change per input. I can’t seem to get speaker setup to not have the surrounds and centre active or have different speaker levels. I would only want two speakers active for BluOS I know it doesn’t usd then unless I tell it to upconvert to advanced stereo or surround which I am not using. But if his then is then active across all other inputs even if they are using a different speaker setup. Is it not possible to do this and speaker setup is system wide not via input. It seems to work for enabling disabling a sub mind.

Also anyway to have the two channel output lower as it’s levels compared to surround are massive and I have to reduce volume from down by nearly -20db.

Hi @Simon_Arnold3,

I have my NAD T758 running at this moment on BluOS input with a stereo output (with a sub but I had it setup without that before.) And I have a HDMI input setup with with 4.1 surround. So I can confirm that it is possible indeed.
It has been a while since I have set it up so I can not explain it from memory (age…) I do remember that it took some time to understand the way to do it though. But only used the manual and trial and error.

I have a stereo output it’s just I want to disable the speakers not in use.

Then I am not sure what you mean…

It is very easy to work with AV Presets:

  1. Configure the T778 the way you want it to be, e.g. speakers, listening mode, etc.
  2. Go to AV presets and select a numbered preset that is not setup, or you want to overwrite. Make sure that Yes is selected for Speakers and other sections you want saved! For example, I do not want to save speaker setup so I have it as No.
  3. Select save current setup to preset.
  4. Go to source setup and assign the new preset to input 6 blu os.
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