NAD T778 Signal path does not show Dirac

Hi recently got a NAD t778 which is a Roon Ready AVR via BluOS and has Dirac Live built in. I started to play with Dirac yesterday and noticed that it doesn’t show up in Roons signal path when it’s engaged. I was under the impression that it should as I have seen it shown in other NAD products. Seems strange?

Could it be where it is employed in the signal path.

I remember something about some brand’s that had failed Roon ready was related to not being able to control the signal path.

I just looked on my SA30 and it is not there either.
I wonder if it is on the amplifier output stage then it is ignored and not part of the signal path

The corrections are done before the d/a conversion though not after so surely that should be shown? Seems odd @garye does it showing your m10s signal path?

In that case yes, I thought that was a RR rule.
Though not showing up on mine either, so maybe it sits outside of the signal path.
Be interesting to get some more people to chirp in

Doesn’t show in my signal path either. I had always assumed it happened outside of it. I’m far from knowledgable about this stuff but as it works on all inputs rather than just ROON I assumed it was a separate entity to the music signal. It’s the same on the 658 too.

Fair enough so much for the true signal path being shown then.

I have the T758 v3i with the same issue, Roon does not reference Dirac in the signal path.

NAD likely have several problems with their Roon ready firmware, as other threads seem to indicate.
Fixing one problem might well open another pit…

Does ROONs own convolution filters show up or are they the same?

If you use Roons DSP yes it shows up as does Lyngdorfs room perfect I believe.

Anyone explain to me why when I enable Dirac after calibration it’s actually louder than without ? This seems odd I expect it to be lower due to reduced headroom to stop clipping yet it’s very much louder. Not sure if this is normal using Roons DSP it’s always lower.

Mine is always lower. Is it anything g to do with the gain you use for the microphone?

I have no idea,I had it at full gain as it failed lower due to too much noise. I am using my UMIK 1 into the NAD and using my calibration file. Maybe I will try using their own one next time. I don’t get why mic gain would increase the volume of the output though. I thought DSP did reductions not gains to avoid clipping. I am very confused

How should Roon be aware of Dirac processing done internally in the T778? I think that this cannot be expected.

Roon Ready devices are supposed to correctly report what is being done with the signal, IIRC, so Roon can display it accurately, so it could and should be expected.

Given the sad state of Lennbrook’s software engineering, it might well be broken though.

It’s showing the amplifier section with a blue dot as opposed to purple for lossless it seems. So it’s reporting something. But doesn’t matter if Dirac is on or not it’s doesn’t go purple.

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Have you figured out why Dirac correction is louder on T778? I had the same issue, and it is because of Dirac bug. You must use an older version, try finding in Dirac version history, and they have the bug noted there. Also, any solution to the blue dot (Analogue Amplifier) to make it purple?

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No got rid of it after 4 failed units. I think they are just boosting up gain to compensate as your max level drops.

This was my experience too. Dirac recommended using version 3.4.4 rather than the newest version. The volume seems to be where it should be with Dirac enabled.

I contacted Dirac asking about the issue first time I noticed they didn’t accept it as being anything to do with Dirac and said NAD where likely compensating for the gain. Another reason I gave up on Dirac there support is very poor. I could not roll back as the only version available to me was the latest build I had never had used it before.