Naim & Arcam Hardware. Any feedback please

Any feedback on Naim streamers as endpoints? I use a a Naim Mu-so in my office and am trying a NAC-N 272 in my main system.

DITTO Arcam streamers built-in to AVRs and Disc Players. I use an Arcam CDS27

Any feedback appreciated. Cheers Robert

Have a ND5XS Network Player and although happy with the Naim iOS app and a Asset UPnP server layer, it would be cool to have Naim players supported as end-points.
At present, I am using Roon to manage my music library from my laptop.


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Absolutely! Being able to stream to Naim hardware as a UPNP endpoint, would be more than welcome.

Anybody at Roon commenting? Danny?

Not many of us can afford or necessarily want Meridian kit, Naim and Arcam have pioneered affordable quality steaming gear. When will soon support these brands?


Hi @robfol! Thanks for the question.

We’re working with a large number of hardware partners, and expect to have our RoonSpeakers streaming protocol implemented in a variety of brands, at a variety of price points, soon. Our current streaming support (Meridian, Airplay) is just the beginning!

That said, for the moment I don’t have any updates to offer on UPNP. Danny went into the reasons in some detail here.

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Thanks Mike, once you’ve started ‘rooning;’ it’s hard to go back (-:

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All I can say is this: Roon Client/Server - Best Practice?

Mu-so supports airplay i think, so should work with roon.

Thanks woodford, but Airplay rather defeats the object of having hi-res files and hi-res playback

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