Naim - Mu-so and Mu-so Qb


Is anyone aware if the Naim Mu-so and Mu-so Qb are Roon ready as I can’t find any reference on their web site?

If they are, any user feed back would be appreciated.



As far as I know, they are streamable from Roon via AirPlay only.

@brian can chime in if this is not the case.

Quick question, I m interested in Mu-So hence asking. There is USB input, we cannot stream through USB input to Mu-So Qb?

It’s not an asynchronous USB port, it’s for iPod and USB sticks to the best of my knowledge.


Thanks! I re-read on Naik page to see if I understood differently (living in denial?). So essentially it’s airplay. Which is good for Rooners to begin with.

Same goes for Zeppelin (b&w) with AirPlay.

Has anyone done SQ between Mu-So Qb and Zeppelin ?

Mu-so is so much better than Zeppelin in terms of SQ…you can also use sonicorbiter as a upnp bridge to Mu-so so you are able to deliver 24/192 quality files

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Very late to this but I’m thinking about getting a Mu-So. It occurred to me that it would be possible to add a RPi running Ropieee with an IQAudIO DIGI+ hat or similar and connect it to the optical input of the Mu-So. That would be a Roon/RAAT compatible solution, maybe not the most elegant but the RPi is easy to hide away.

The new Naim Uniti platform and their new streamers are all Roon Ready devices. I can’t imagine it will be long before the Mu-so joins them, hence I wouldn’t be rushing to buy one currently.


The Uniti Nova is a brilliant device, but unfortunately its also way out of my price range! The Mu-so is more realistic, and I dare say you are right that a firmware update or revision could make it Roon Ready.

I don’t think it will be a firmware update, I think it will be a Mu-so 2.
I could be wrong if course but I’m just warning you that your mu-so could well be superseded quite quickly. This may not bother you, it would me.



It would only bother me if the sound quality was better on the nebulous Mu-So 2… the Roon Ready certification would be a nice to have, but the RPi solution works just as well with the current model.

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