Naim Muso QB - New Firmware Update 1.7

(KA) #1

Anyone updated their Naim Muso QB today?

No longer working with Roon :frowning:

(Tony) #2

This delivers Airplay 2 compatibility, according to the email I received today. Roon doesn’t support Airplay 2 yet.

(KA) #3

I thought Airplay 2 was backwards compatible with Airplay. Wasn’t expecting the ‘benefits’ of Airplay 2 but equally wasn’t expecting it to stop working.

(Tony) #4

It is supposed to be yes, but some Airplay 2 devices don’t work with Roon (for reasons best known to Roon). The Muso has an optical input, so you could use a £30 Chromecast audio as a workaround until Roon deliver Airplay 2 compatibility (no release date for this has been given).

However, some people seem to have got it working according to some threads around when it was released.

(KA) #5

Thanks, I’ve got a CC Audio and a Raspberry Pi with a DAC board running RoPieee which I can use for Roon connectivity to the QB but they lack the convenience of a direct connection.

Will look at the Airplay 2 workarounds, thanks for the heads-up.

(Peter Muerner) #6

Hi, I have a Mu-so QB too and i updatet to Firmware 1.7. Works flawlessly with Roon like before the update. I understood something wrong?

(KA) #7

Hi Peter

Naim have confirmed that this will not work until Roon is updated to support Airplay 2.

So either:

i. Your Muso QB has not actually updated properly to 1.7


ii. Your iOS device is acting like a bridge and sending the output to the QB via Airplay 2. This is not the same as Roon recognising the QB in it’s own right, which it used to do with Airplay.

(Radji Gadji) #8

I also have updated my Naim Muso to 1.7 and Roon doesn’t now work with it. Prior to the Airplay 2 update it worked fine. Muso works in sync with Airplay 2 with other speakers direct from my mac using iTunes.
It therefore looks like Roon software needs an update to work with the updated muso.
Anyone available from Roon to give an indication of when this is likely to happen.

(KA) #9

A post on the Naim forum claims that this has been fixed by Roon.

Please can someone from Roon confirm this is the case?

I still can’t get this to work and see no evidence that Roon have made the update that Naim claim they have.


My Qb now shows as a zone but there is no sound even though music appears to be playing in the Qb zone. I can transfer zone to another Naim streamer and the music will play on that streamer. So not quite fixed yet.


No update to Roon has been released for a few weeks. It might be in the works for the next release but Roon wont say so until it’s ready to launch.

(DSG) #12

Oh! If only Naim would upgrade Muso’s to be Roon Ready, life would be so much simpler. I assume their existing partnership deal allows this?

Naim build great hardware but their software is a little lacking! I use Roon over Airplay for multiroom playback as it used to be more reliable than Naims party mode. Although airplay drifts out of sync over time and lowers the resolution of HD files so still not ideal.

I also use a squeezebox server for multiroom BBC iplayer radio playback using the airplay bridge plug-in. It sill works after the muso firmware upgrade but is very slow and unresponsive. Takes about 30 seconds to pause when playing. I think this implies that airplay 2 is backwards compatable to some degree and the issue is with Roon.

I’m wondering if the time has come to retire the Muso and replace with something that is Roon Ready. Anyone know if the updated bluesound 2i’s play nice with Roon? How do they compare musically? Would they multiroom OK with my Roon Ready Naim kit?

(KA) #13

Hi Dsg

The Muso Roon Airplay issue should be fixed early next week.

Making something Roon Ready is not trivial and takes a long time.

Don’t know enough about multi room to give a definitive answer but think that only similar kit could be grouped in Roon.


Bluesound use RAAT to stream in Roon so are fully Roon Ready but I think the new ones still might suffer the sync issue when grouped with other RAAT devices. I only have a node 2 not the i so cant rely verify this.

Roon have now announced they are working on an airplay fix for the muso range as they mentioned it on another thread with same issue, but did not say when it will be ready. It won’t add airplay 2 just allow airplay again.

Roon Ready Naim kit is flawless. I have a unity atom and it works so well. Syncs with all the pi’s I have running Roon Bridge.

Does the muso have a digital in? If so get a Raspberry Pi and a Digi output board and use that to get Full Roon at hires and will sync with other Room Ready things.

(DSG) #15

Thanks, Simon for mentioning the sync issue, I was not aware of it but can follow up on the appropriate thread.

Agree about Naim Roon Ready kit, my Nova operates better using Roon than with the Naim app (Android).

The Muso has spdif and 3.5mm inputs and I’ve considered a Pi and chromecast dongle but have refrained because it’s in the Kitchen and currently looks quite neat. Adding a wall-wart power supply and a Pi box is going to be tricky to make look attractive.

Still food for thought so many thanks.


Does it have a usb port at all , You could use a Chromecast audio and power it of that. Pretty discrete to.

(DSG) #17

I picked up Chromecast audio dongle over the weekend for under £20. Initially, I tried powering via the Muso USB port, but this seems to introduce some noise, so I’ve reverted to the external power supply.

It works remarkably well. Multi-room is rock solid none of the drift I had with airplay, and it handles Hires up to 24x96Khz so again much better than airplay. I’ve ordered an optical connection cable for the dongle to see what difference that makes (sound quality/use power noise).

I also discovered that there is an LMS to Chromecast bridge, so I have all the multiroom iPlayer radio features I had with airplay.

Great advice many thanks.

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(DSG) #18

Initial listening seems to indicate that the noise problem caused by powering the Chromecast audio adaptor the Muso USB is solved (or significantly reduced) by changing to a digital connection.