Naim Muso QB - New Firmware Update 1.7

Anyone updated their Naim Muso QB today?

No longer working with Roon :frowning:

This delivers Airplay 2 compatibility, according to the email I received today. Roon doesn’t support Airplay 2 yet.

I thought Airplay 2 was backwards compatible with Airplay. Wasn’t expecting the ‘benefits’ of Airplay 2 but equally wasn’t expecting it to stop working.

It is supposed to be yes, but some Airplay 2 devices don’t work with Roon (for reasons best known to Roon). The Muso has an optical input, so you could use a £30 Chromecast audio as a workaround until Roon deliver Airplay 2 compatibility (no release date for this has been given).

However, some people seem to have got it working according to some threads around when it was released.

Thanks, I’ve got a CC Audio and a Raspberry Pi with a DAC board running RoPieee which I can use for Roon connectivity to the QB but they lack the convenience of a direct connection.

Will look at the Airplay 2 workarounds, thanks for the heads-up.

Hi, I have a Mu-so QB too and i updatet to Firmware 1.7. Works flawlessly with Roon like before the update. I understood something wrong?

Hi Peter

Naim have confirmed that this will not work until Roon is updated to support Airplay 2.

So either:

i. Your Muso QB has not actually updated properly to 1.7


ii. Your iOS device is acting like a bridge and sending the output to the QB via Airplay 2. This is not the same as Roon recognising the QB in it’s own right, which it used to do with Airplay.

I also have updated my Naim Muso to 1.7 and Roon doesn’t now work with it. Prior to the Airplay 2 update it worked fine. Muso works in sync with Airplay 2 with other speakers direct from my mac using iTunes.
It therefore looks like Roon software needs an update to work with the updated muso.
Anyone available from Roon to give an indication of when this is likely to happen.

A post on the Naim forum claims that this has been fixed by Roon.

Please can someone from Roon confirm this is the case?

I still can’t get this to work and see no evidence that Roon have made the update that Naim claim they have.

My Qb now shows as a zone but there is no sound even though music appears to be playing in the Qb zone. I can transfer zone to another Naim streamer and the music will play on that streamer. So not quite fixed yet.

No update to Roon has been released for a few weeks. It might be in the works for the next release but Roon wont say so until it’s ready to launch.

Hi Dsg

The Muso Roon Airplay issue should be fixed early next week.

Making something Roon Ready is not trivial and takes a long time.

Don’t know enough about multi room to give a definitive answer but think that only similar kit could be grouped in Roon.

Bluesound use RAAT to stream in Roon so are fully Roon Ready but I think the new ones still might suffer the sync issue when grouped with other RAAT devices. I only have a node 2 not the i so cant rely verify this.

Roon have now announced they are working on an airplay fix for the muso range as they mentioned it on another thread with same issue, but did not say when it will be ready. It won’t add airplay 2 just allow airplay again.

Roon Ready Naim kit is flawless. I have a unity atom and it works so well. Syncs with all the pi’s I have running Roon Bridge.

Does the muso have a digital in? If so get a Raspberry Pi and a Digi output board and use that to get Full Roon at hires and will sync with other Room Ready things.

Does it have a usb port at all , You could use a Chromecast audio and power it of that. Pretty discrete to.

I thought Naim was room ready? Seems to connect only over Airplay

Ugh. I just figures it out. Mu-so gen 1 is roon tested. Need to upgrade. .

Yes, the older 1st gen Naim streamers cannot support Roon. All the current Naim streamers do, or you can add Roon via a Sonore UPnP bridge or other workarounds if you don’t want to change your Muso.

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@ChrisSU thank you. I did not know that the Sonore UPnP bridge enable Naim Muso to be a Roon Ready endpoint. I have an SMG Sonic Transporter as my roon server. Do i need to purchase a Sonore UPnP bridge or can i enable in the Sonic Transporter?

I don’t believe the Transporter OS provides you with UPNP Bridge. The micro/ultraRendu OS does. Send them an email asking about it to be sure.

To be a bit clearer, it’s a little box made by Smallgreencomputer that runs the UPnP bridge:

It’s a popular way to add Roon to UPnP streamers that don’t have native Roon support like the older Naim streamers.