Is AirPlay 2 on the Roon roadmap?

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Just wondering if anyone has any info they can share…


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(Mike) #2

At the moment, we haven’t announced any plans regarding Airplay 2.

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New Airport Express firmware 7.8 not working with Roon
Apple HomePod Stereo Pair Support
Can no longer stream to Marantz SR7011

Is this a fix you are working on and a short wait will resolve or are you saying “Don’t wait we have no current plans to support Airplay 2 - roll firmware back to use Roon or go back to iTunes”. Thanks.

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(Douglas Brown) #4

This is very sad. I just bought my second HomePod for my office so I can listen to the sweet sounds of 24bit music through Roon and now I find out it is not supported? Big bummer.

@Not_Roon guys… What do you recommend? I don’t want to use iTunes… That sucks…

Can you comment on plans or should I find a way to listen to stereo music again. I’m willing to wait i just need to know. I will also imagine your silence as a no?

Thank you! I truly love your app but this is huge for me and for many others.

Thank you

(Tony) #5

Isn’t Airplay2 supposed to be backwards compatible with AirPlay 1 or are Apple being somewhat economical with the truth? If so, why doesn’t Roon work with Airplay 2 products? I can understand that all the new features are not supported but basic music playback should work?

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New Roon user chiming in here. I’m running an Apple-centric setup with Airplay 2 devices and while Roon itself doesn’t see my updated Airplay 2 speakers I’m not having issues at all.

Synology DS 918+ with Roon Core
MacBook Pro with Roon & Airfoil
iPhones and iPad with Roon Remote and Airfoil Satellite

a) Play Roon on my Mac with Airfoil capturing playback, use any Roon Remote to control and Airfoil Satellite to tweak speaker config and volume
b) Directly play to iPhone/iPad via iOS Roon Remote app and use the native system sound picker to send to multiple Airplay 2 speakers.

Speakers involved:
2x Devialet Phantom Gold
1x Apple HomePod
3x Libratone ZIPP Mini
1x Libratone ZIPP

While native support would be nicer, this works really well for me. Let me know if you have any questions.

(Ali Shafai) #7

Using what you’ve outlined in your option [b], music seems to echo and and play independently on each HomePod, even-though they are setup as a stereo pair.


I have three paired sets of HomePods in addition to my primary Meridian system.

Currently I’m forced to use Apple Music independently of Roon for my peripheral speakers. Needless to say it’s an aggravation.

I’m waiting and expecting eventual support for Airplay2 but it bothers me to be treated like a mushroom and kept completely in the dark about their intentions. I think a bit of open kimono would assuage most concerns and move us from the anxious unknown column to the patiently (or impatiently) waiting column.

(Chris Glover) #9

Has anyone heard an update on this topic?

I use roon to stream to many devices around the house using Airplay as most of my audio collection is 16/48, so Airplay is fine. If that option is no longer available for new devices with Airplay 2, then roon is not going to be for me in the future. I am looking at adding a new device but I am stuck with not knowing if it will work with roon as all the ones with Airplay are now Airplay 2, so will not work.

Am I correct? Is there a solution on the away?

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(Tom T) #10

I am having luck using my iPhone or iPad as a Roon endpoint then launching an Airplay2 stream to my paired Homepods.

Not as clunky as it seems since I use the iPhone/iPad to control Roon anyway. A few swipes and Ive got great sounding tunes coming from the Homepods.

A few times there’s been a glitch in the latency of a channel, creating an echo/reverb effect. Easily cleared and occurs rarely. There are other heavy streamers/gamers on my home wifi and I attribute the glitch to that.

I am confident Roon will eventually implement an Airplay2 solution to stream to a pair of Homepods.

Other than Apple Music, I have yet to find an application that runs on MacOS and streams to a stereo pair of Homepods. Tidal cant do it. Neither can Qobuz.

An iPhone/iPad running Tidal or Qobuz and a pair of Homepods make a very nice stereo system.


This excludes Meridian’s streamer.

Can we please get some guidance?