Naim UnitiQute 2

Hi - have a big Naim 555/552/500 rig, and a couple of Muso’s - all work brilliantly with Roon.

Have a spare Nap100 - and was thinking of picking up a UnitiQute 2 to stream - does anybody know if this is Roon Ready?

No, sorry, but the old Naim streamers are not Roon endpoints. You would need to add something like a Sonore UPnP Bridge, or maybe trade the Qute for an Atom.

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Ah that’s a shame - I’ve not actually bought it yet, was looking add a second hand one to make a garage system along with the NAP100 - Will likely get a new Atom then :joy:

I’m not sure you necessarily need the 100. You could trade that in to offset the cost of the Atom.

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Yeah - I did think that - different case designs too, so would tidy it up…

I’ve several ‘Qutes and am trying to work out how to Roonify them with Raspberry Pi loaded with Ropieee.
Sadly, the USB input won’t accept the RPi out put but I’m confused.
Why can’t the Qutes see a stream over the internet from the RPi?
Which HAT would be best?
Would a coaxial or S/PDIF input be best for SQ?

Why would it? The pi is an endpoint in this situation not a server it receives audio in, it does not send it out other than by using a spdif hat or USB audio to a DAC. Only the spdif option will work for the Qutes as you can only serve up via UPnP over the network to the older Naim streaming tech and they do not support USB audio. Easiest way to get it over the network is to use a UPnP bridge, their is a free one called LMS2UPnP but getting it running needs some work. Or you can by a device that runs sonic orbiter software and you get there UPnP bridge included in that. It will only work with one device though where the former can work across many.

I know nothing about RPi, but if they have SPDIF out (coax or optical) that would be a simple way to connect to a Unitiqute.

I’ve tried to get the LMS solution to work from my laptop and Mac mini but I don’t have them running 24/7. Hence the RPi option, which is half the price of a hardware bridge (Audiostore mite or SGC Sonore bridge).

I’ve yet to tackle LMS on the RPi… next week may be.

The question of which HAT to stick on the RPi is the next area of research.

If you get LMS on the pi then you can use it to run the LMS2UPnP plugin and no need for a HAT,.low over head to. I would install PiCore Player for it as it will run it no issues.

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If you go down the hat route, then a hifiberry digi+ is an inexpensive option and will connect to the uq by either optical or coax.

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Etcher worked a treat.
Success with piCore installation but where can I find LMS2UPnP plugin?
I assume that this is not the same as an extension?

You have to enable LMS itself in PiCore UI then when it’s running you need to enable the plugin from LMS UI can’t remember what port LMS runs on maybe 9000. When it’s up and running in the plugin settings be careful to set the LMS server to your AudioStores IP address or you might find that they all connect to LMS and not Roon. Not sure how you will edit the config.xml as you need SSH access to do that to add the Roon bit unless it’s in the UI these days.

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Well I did not manage to get LMS running - but I won’t give up as it should give me greater flexibility.
I did install a HiFiberry Digi pro HAT today and this works fine on one of my 'Qutes with Ropieee (I did not bother with HiFiberry software). It was a bit fiddly to put together - more screws / grommets left over.
Thanks again for your guidance.

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It’s pretty simple normally to get it running as it’s part of the OS web ui to enable it. I’m sure you’ll get there.

Glad you went with Ropiees it’s the best one out there.