Naim UnitiStar / Roon does not show albums on connected USB HD

I installed Roon on my mac and it imported the apple misc library with now problem …also found my WD MyCloud Drive, and after some issues the HD connected to my Naim Uniti Star …sadly, however, the albums stored on my UnitiStar HD do not show in the roon “My Albums” section …can anybody help ?

The storage on the star may appear at the share level but isn’t useable by Roon.

Oh … how very disappointing … I have ripped all my CD to the unitistar connected HD… if Roon cannot see this, then it is unable to build a complete library, defeating its purpose I believe :(( … is there a workaround ?

If you can access the storage over the network from a pc then you should be able to add it to Roon and it will see it, users use the Uniti Core in this way. However if you ripped as WAV then Roon cannot see any metadata as its in Naims proprietary format and you will find it won’t recognise what they are it may match some but not all.

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Thanks Simon… I managed to add he network share and roon sees it … it even sees the files inside the roon folder browser, but it does not see the albums or songs in the “My Albums” view … I suppose I have to ripp them again … is there a format that you recommend in terms of quality…, (FLAC ?) I always thought that wav was the closest format to CD …

If you want metadata then Flac.

But I would first see if it’s actually reading the files as it should add them even without metadata you would just get no artwork or proper naming. You definitely mounted it at the correct folder level?

Check in the library settings area to see if they are logged as being skipped files in there as this may give some clues.

Can you see all the files if you go to the same location in a file browser?

Thanks Again Simon :),
I can see the files in the apple file browser and I can see them in Roon, → add networkshare → folder … I had also added a WDMyCloud that is running on the network …it contains only AAC and FLAC files, yet Roon does not see these albums either :frowning: … currently ripping a few CD to the unitistar in FLAC format … so far no success … I can see the new FLAC version on the Naim app, on the apple file browser …yet roon does not list the album … I will take some screenshots

You should attach the drive, or a copy of it, directly to your Roon Core or other networked storage that it can access.
This may seem inconvenient, but bear in mind that you will, in any case, need additional copies of your library for backup purposes.