Name on the credit card vs name in your profile, is it relevant?

Hi all,

My Roon license expired in Oct 2019 and I’d like to renew (maybe even a lifetime license) as I see no real alternative yet and I really miss the convenience of Roon. However, no one else in my family except for my stepfather has a credit card, he agreed to provide his own details and I can just bank transfer him the money but is it permitted? Can I have a different name in my profile and on the credit card details? I don’t want to log in one day just to see my account being blocked or banned for suspected fraud or anything similar!


That shouldn’t be a problem.
People buy things for other people all the time, but tagging @accounts

I don’t see a problem since gift purchases can be made. @accounts will help.

Hey @Martin_J, that’s totally fine! As long as your stepfather is aware, there’s no problem.

Thanks! Just renewed for another year.
Boy Roon still sounds much better than TIDAL’s own client!

I have no credit card either, in rl i only use cash, on the internet mostly paypal. I bought yesterday a lifetime pass with the credit from my mother. The name in my profile is not my real name… I’m 32 years old (not true but very close) and use an email adress in russia but i am completely german. I want to use roon for the next 50 years. I hope i can do that