Nancy Wilson of Heart, NOT

Hmmm, Nancy Wilson, jazz singer with Cannonball Adderly has the bio of Nancy Wilson from Heart. Not good.

@fritzg I have exactly the same issue, you beat me to the post!


Ugh. I only care about one of those, and it’s not the right one :frowning:

(I entered a ticket to get this taken care of too–not just comiserating here)


Thanks very much Brian, superb support.



Roon still appears to be confusing Nancy Wilson of Heart with, um, the real Nancy Wilson (apologies to Heart fans):

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Hi David, that’s strange as we’ve had a correct edit for Nancy Wilson since Jan 2016. Do you know if it could have been incorrect in your library for all this time?

This is what I’ve just got in a search:

Okay, I attempted to investigate this, and I’m seeing some behavior I can’t account for:

I went ahead and Zipped all my Nancy Wilson albums (not a big deal, since I’m ashamed to admit I only have two), and deleted the two un-Zipped albums from my watched Roon directory. At that point, as expected, Roon stopped displaying the albums in my library and I was left with only Tidal albums. Things were looking up…

Then I un-Zipped my local Nancy Wilson albums. (The second time I tried this, I did a “Clean Up Library” before restoring the albums.) Et voila:

So what the heck is going on, and how do I fix it?

Nancy Wilson the jazz singer is still associated with Beautiful Broken by Heart.

Thanks @fritzg. Rovi has attributed the wrong Nancy Wilson as track composer on this album. I’ll get them to change this. I suspect that this might not be the only error.

I think this is a little different from my issue, where Roon is matching up the correct bio for the “jazz” Nancy Wilson with the photo for the “rock” Nancy Wilson. I just can’t wrap my head around what it could be in my embedded metadata that would cause that, since the bio and photo(s) in this case are all being pulled in by Roon.

FWIW, the two Nancy Wilson albums in my library are:

Spotlight on Nancy Wilson [Great Ladies of Song]

Nancy Wilson & Cannonball Adderley

Both of these seem to be correctly identified by Roon, although Roon is indicating a minor track time discrepancy for Track 1 of the album with Cannonball.