Nano iDSD works!

I have been having some irritating behaviour from my Allo Boss 2, so yesterday I decided to perform a little surgery on the blue box.

Having removed the Pi4b I wanted to check whether there was a major fault, or was it just dazed and confused. After re-flashing ropiee to the card I began to set up and configure; initially it was a frustrating process that was finally finished at five thirty this morning. I looked in my draw of delight to find a DAC and came across my old iFi Nano DSD and decided to give it a go. Well, blow me down, it only went and worked! With the only power being via the USB cable from the Pi, should it work like this? Am I drawing too much power?

Any thoughts will be gratefully received.

This device was/is marketed as portable device that works with smartphones. There is no reason why it shouldn’t be ok.

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One of my Roon bridge setups is RPi 4, running Ropieee, into iFi nano iDSD BL. Works a treat. No issues at all.


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Many thanks, I was so surprised that I forgot why I had it in the first place!

Thank you for your response, I am enjoying it at the moment.

When I had one I used to get power warnings when using it powered by the pi. I ended up using its internal battery and charged it up about once every fortnight. The order you plug device in decides which way it’s powered if I remember rightly.

With the RPi active plug the IFi DAC, into the RPi usb, with the power switched OFF. This ensures the DAC will be powered by the RPi.
Switch the DAC on/off when you want to use it.

I have another IFi nano iDSD which I use with my PC. I don’t switch it on until after the PC has booted up.


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Many thanks, I had forgotten what a capable device this is (and in what order I needed to connect).

Thank you, this community is the best!