Nanosound dac issue with ropieee

Hi there,
I have setup a roon system over the last few days. I have a core on an old MBP.

I have a range of end points, squeezebox 3, apple TV 2, chromecast audio thing, and finally I am trying to set up a raspberry pi end point using ropieee and a nanosound dac.

every thing is working except for the nanosound. ropieee didn’t recognise the HAT, so I manually set it to I2S (raspberry Pi Audio default). Roon core can see it - but I can’t get a peep out of it!

Any ideas? or just bin it and try something else for the input for my stereo?


RoPieee does not support the Nanosound HAT.

I don’t have any experience with this hardware, so anyone else here that has played around with this HAT in combination with another driver?

Thanks for the reply, I did note that. I thought I could use a standard driver, but no luck! Any suggestions for the best HAT to get for sound quality?

I try to stay away of giving my opinion on hardware, as I deal with almost all vendors :wink:

I’m sure others will pitch in and advise you.

Regards Harry

Using Nanosound with hifiberry dac+ driver will work.

Its the same audio chipset.