NAS for Roon: Migrate from Synology to QNAP

HI. I currently have a Synology DS216+II with 4gb of ram, two 2TB disks in Raid Mirror and and external lSSD running roon server.
Historically the performance when running local files has been OK and with Tidal terrible. Now ithe release 1.7 the tidal perforamce has improved (few if no time outs) but eh local search is very slow.
i put this won to the Dual core 1.3 processor, which was always under spec.
I would like to purchase a QNAP TS-251 which has Quad core 2.0 processor which i believe would make a huge difference? is this true?
A couple of questions to the experts?

  1. In order to save some cost can i swap out the two internal HD drives from the Synolgy to the QNAP or would this be a disaster? And would i be better off buying QNAP with internal drives installed?
  2. What do i do about the Roon server, just move the external SSD over (USB connection) or can / should i do some thing else?

Apples and Oranges. You cannot move a drive that you had running in a Synology over to a QNAP and have it work. The formatting is different. If you dan’t want to buy new drives then you will need to move your music to another place while you set up the QNAP and format the drives for use in it. As for the TS-251 I guess you realize it too is under spec for the job?

HI John. Thanks for your response. I didnt realise it would be under spec as well. … no point in that. What are the current recommendations for Roon 1.7?

If you are going to host your Core on a QNAP NAS the ongoing recommendation was for an i3 or better processor. The TS-251 has a Celeron processor. I’d also try and get at least 8GB of RAM. I run my Core on a QNAP TVS-471 and I swapped the 4GB it came with for 16GB of RAM. Made the machine much more snappy. Now some here will tell you that the TS-251 is fine to run the Core. And it may be for many things but it is under spec at the end of the day. If you have a large music collection or like to do DSP then the 251 is not going to cut it.
crieke’s website. Most of what is in the NAS Roon builds comes through him. His site is very informative.

Niel, are you considering a new NAS for the sake of running Roon core better? For the same budget I would get a powerful i7 computer to run ROCK/core and keep the existing NAS to store the music.

Thats exactly what i landed up doing. I built a i3 NUC to run ROCK and kept the NAS for files. Its been working brilliantly

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