Native 16/44 sounds better than 256 DSD with Mytek Liberty

When i got my liberty dac last year, i enabled dsd upsampling,thought that was a no brainer.
Now i recognized Soundstage and richness is better when i disable upsampling.
I am using Rock on Nuc 8I5, Ethernet isolation, SMS200 , Liberty.

Anyone else made that experience? I am asking myself if i have a bottleneck anywhere,
My nuc is still running with the standard switching power supply, maybe thats the reason?
I allways thougt ethernet isolation and the renderer would make another power supply obsolete…
Also with MQA i never thought there is a benefit bbut maxbe thats another thing.


No experience of the Mytek, but my Chord DACs sound better when feeding them the original source material. In contrast, the Burr Brown based DACs I have improve with x2 upsampling.

I don’t think this indicates an issue with your setup.

I have the Liberty, and I use HQ player to upsample to DSD256, which I did read somewhere (not sure where) that this is a good idea on the DAC.

Anyway, I think it sounds better with DSD myself. The Chord stuff I thought was better left alone because of their FPGA technology. Does the DAC definitely recognise the DSD content? What streamer are you using?

i don’t think a FPGA is superior to a intel i5, its also just a computer
(Of course depending on the software).
The Mytec reconizes DSD and MQA as it should.
I think i will get a linear power supply for the Nuc and try DSD again.

I noticed a difference with a linear power supply to the Liberty but not so much when powering the NUC.