Native DSD+MQA+RedBook>768Khz through HQPlayer

Hello Support

Running ROON ROCK>Ethernet>HQPlayer>Pro-Ject Pre S2 DAC via USB
Have 1000 DSD files on the ROCK device, want to play them native
Want of course to play MQA music from TIDAL to

Have some issues to get the right settings in HQ…All formats is converted to pcm 768Khz
Have tried some settings all morning…Can’t get it to work…if
Anyvone want some extra info…please ask

Hi Morten,

Can you share screenshots of all your current settings?

This makes it much easier to see what you are seeing and we can try to find the issue in your settings. Otherwise it’s quite difficult to know what to do.

Offcourse…From remote desktop

Hi Morten,

You are getting PCM output from HQP because output in HQP is currently set to PCM. The output selection is the right hand drop down menu under the volume knob on the main screen. You can set this to PCM, SDM(DSD) or Auto. Auto will vary output to match input file type.

This spec for the Pro-Ject appears to say 512 DSD is DoP so you may need to change SDM Pack to DoP.

I can’t see whether the Pro-Ject supports 512 x 48k, many DACs (including my Holo Audio Spring 1) only support 512 x 44.1. In that case best to use that as upper limit and a “sync” filter.

With those adjustments you should be good to go, subject to your computer handling upsampling to DSD 512. Try the 2s variant of the filter if you experience stuttering.

DSD512 is supported on Linux and Windows, in ‘native’ mode, with this DAC.

It does. Jussi has one and has confirmed too, so @Morten_Valbjorn it’s a good idea to enable ‘auto rate family’ in HQP.

Thnks for answer .trying later…be back

Changed setting to
Auto Rate Famely: checked
Main Screen below volume knot: Auto

DSD is playing ok now

Stil missing settings for MQA…When playing MQA it upscaled to 768KHz and logo is NOT turned on…on the DAC

What do you want to do with MQA source material ?

HQP isn’t MQA compatible. You may be better placed just using a separate Roon Zone for MQA material. Roon can pass it through to your DAC to unfold and render and will probably auto-configure itself to do so when it “sees” your DAC.

What are you running HQ Player on ? You may be able to run Roon Bridge on the same machine and use a separate zone for MQA.

Hmm…Thought so
Thnks for suggestion for diff zone to the DAC

When playing MQA…Should i upscale the Hole thing higest possible or?

Running HQPlayer on LENOVO I3 Thinkcentre…doing very well…i think

Install Roon Bridge on the Lenovo and Roon will see your DAC directly.

What do you want to do with MQA material ? You can pass it through to an MQA DAC to unfold and render or have Roon do the first unfold and the DAC render. See here.

andybob…Yep i now…just wanna do the HQPlayer…think it is sounding better…Mayby i can run HQPlayer on Roon Bridge…?

I don’t understand what you mean by this, but they are different things. An HQPlayer zone uses HQPlayer to distribute audio, Roon just acts as a front end.

Roon Bridge is a small program that enables a computer to act as a Roon Output. HQPlayer won’t see Roon Bridge. When a Roon Remote or Roon Bridge is running on the Lenovo, then the Roon Core will see devices connected to the Lenovo.

Thnks for the answers
Playing all formats in DSD256. Somehow it wont do 512

Update: Installed ROON Bridge on LENOVO…Now we tare talking nice sound
Fuld MQA playback…Upscaling everything else to DSD 512+Native playback of DSD 64,128,256,512
Look at this screen shot…1 Remote + Bridge

Dont mind the HQPlayer name…Haven’t changed it…yet
Thanks for helping

What are your HQPlayer settings?


OK, two things.

  1. With these ASIO drivers, you don’t need to use “DoP” as “SDM Pack” method, because the driver supports native DSD. So leave that setting as “None”:

  2. I don’t remember right now if the Pro-Ject ASIO driver supported 48k-base DSD rates (the DAC itself does), probably not. So do not enable “Auto rate family” and set bit rate limit to 44.1k x512.

This should do the trick with these settings.

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The SDM Pack unchecked…do the trick
DAC can play 48K*DSD512

Jussi…Do you have some recommended settings for MQA playback via HQPlayer?