Native DSD on Auralic Altair G2.1

Hello @spockfish,

the Vega DAC from Auralic is supporting native DSD.

Could You please have a look to ui 366da5cce388aa3d if Altair G2.1 does native DSD too?

Thank You!


Hi @Enno14 ,

If you’d like you can try it out by switching to the beta channel: there I’ve patched the kernel for the Altair G2.1.


Hi @spockfish,

thanks again.

After installing the beta software I can change to “Native” in the device setup but unfortunately the DAC shows only 88,2 kHz with a kind of white or pink noise. I had set the volume control to “fixed”.

I look forward to further input.


Well, assuming you have volume control disabled, this is it. If it does not work then the only thing left would be to contact the vendor. Do you have the latest Auralic firmware running?

I contacted Auralic in the meanwhile. They said to me that the Altair G2.1 does definitively native DSD up to 512 under Linux. Is there something else? Maybe a setting I had overlooked?

DSD 64 shows 88,2 kHz on the Auralic display
DSD 128 shows 176,4 kHz and
DSD 256 shows 352,8 kHz

All with loud white noise. DSD 512 is silent without bitrate on display.


Volume control, DSP and such disabled in Roon?

Yes, I tried a RP3 and a RP4 with Your beta software. No DSP, fixed voIume. I can select “Native” but there is only white noise. I found out that DSD over PCM is possible until DSD128.

Hi @Enno14 ,

I’ve pushed another update to the beta channel. Can you try again?


Hi @spockfish

that update works now up to DSD512, thank You. Great Harry! Time to donate some money.


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