Native DSD with Fostex HP-A8C


i am using RoPieee for the first time mit RP3 and my Fostex DAC HP-A8C via USB. It is possible to treat RoPieee to use Native DSD instead DoP? Thank you. :slight_smile:



This depends on the DAC. Can you send me feedback? You can find this option on the ‘advanced’ tab of RoPieee’s webpage.


I have only Update Channel, Update Schedule, Next Sync, Reboot Schedule and Reboot Time on the advanced tab.

The latest stable version is running.

There’s a button there labelled ‘send feedback’. That’s the one.

Ah, thanks. Log have been sent to You.

Identifier: 2d3ce8deafc55a30

uhhh… I don’t see your DAC. is it connected and turned on?

Sorry, now with DAC turned on:


No this will not work. The DAC is not advertizing native DSD on it’s interface.
This will require a change on the DAC side by its vendor. Maybe there’s a firmware upgrade available?

Keep in mind (I get these questions often): this has nothing to do with the fact that the DAC is capable of doing native DSD on Windows. On Linux this works totally different, and requires the DAC ‘to play nicely’ and conform to certain conditions. Once those are met, the Linux kernel can be patched to support the device.

Regards Harry

Harry, thank You very much for your work. I think I will buy a new DAC in future because I don’t think that Fostex will write a new firmware for me. But because DoP ist lossless there is no problem now an I will further use RoPieee.

Agreed. DoP really does not make any difference what so ever. The first thing the DAC does is that it re-arranges the information to native DSD. And this is merely a ‘restructure’ operation, no information lost.

The only downside in DoP is that is uses more bandwidth than native DSD, but looking at the capabilities of the Fostex that should not be a problem for you.