Native DSD with Holo Audio May

I’m currently using RopieeeXL and cannot seem to get native DSD working. Either through roon itself or hqplayer NAA.

Has anyone here got the holo spring 2/may and has native DSD working?

It’s not a user setting or something. It requires 2 parts: first the DAC (USB Firmware/controller) needs to expose ‘the right stuff’, secondly the Linux kernel needs to be able to handle it.

If you send me feedback with the DAC connected I can have a look.



As it turns out, updating the USB firmware on the pi4 seemed to fix it.

Ill send some feedback with it connected to my Pi3 later though.

I have been looking at the May DAC as well, so most curious about Linux recognizing it for native DSD. They brag a lot about their custom USB interface implementation, however, which has me worried that it might need an upstream update.

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After updating the pi4 usb firmware with ropieeexl, dsd is now working fine on it. So all seems to be good.

If I try 1.536m PCM then it sounds robotic but I’m guessing that’s a result of limited bus bandwidth on the pi. Upto 768khz works without issue. (pcm 1.536m works fine from a Windows machine with drivers installed)

And it is sounding beautiful.

I don’t know what they’ve done with the May’s upgraded USB but it’s clearly doing a damned good job. I literally cannot tell the difference between direct to pc vs using a network streamer. Which is unusual. On every other dac I’ve tried it’s been noticeable at the very least.

Its worth noting that only the L2/L3 versions have the titanis usb module though. L1 has the same USB module as the spring 2.

So good job Jeff zhu on whatever magic you’ve worked there.

Are you using one of these models here? Or the L1 with the different USB interface?

I’m using the L2

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