Native DSD256 playback on a Mac

I have a audiolab m-dac mini, who can play DSD 256. Its connected via USB to an iMac. But in the post i made, i was told that Mac does not support native DSD. In the manual for the m-dac mini is written, that I have to use third part software such as Audirvana to play native DSD on a Mac.
So my request is that ROON as a third part software support native DSD playback on a Mac.
Regards Jesper Sloth


Hi Jesper,
From what I’ve read elsewhere I believe that the Mac either needs driver support (as exaSound produce) or DSD512 support to allow playback in DSD256. So you may be stuck with DSD128 (like me) and there won’t be a lot that Roon can do about it.

This is a Mac limitation, not a Roon limitation. So Roon Labs cannot directly fix that by themselves. Karen is likely to be correct about DSD128 being the limit (except for the DSD512 referenced in that thread which is not completely correct. For DoP256 to work PCM 705.6kHz is required, which is not supported by the M-DAC Mini either. Support for native DSD512 does not imply support for PCM 705.6kHz. And support of PCM 705.6kHz does not guarantee support for DoP256. Absence of PCM 705.6kHz rules out the possibility of DoP256 if native DSD256 is not supported.)

I don’t think Audirvana can play DSD256 to your USB DAC from a Mac either, please try that.

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Hmmm. If DAC support DSDx4 (256) macOS would recognize it. In DoP mode max. spec. is DSD256. Yes, you have limitation on Mac only do DoP, couldn’t play DSD in native. Like wklie said DAC must work with correct PCM clock also. For example, little bastard :wink: SMLS iDea on MacOS can do that: