Native playback in HQP?

Does anyone know if HqP can be configured to play files at the native sampling rate? When I use the sample rate pulldown menu, everything is sampled up or down to where it is set. Upsampling doesn’t always sound better to me. Thanks. – David

if most of your music is in say 44.1 you can just set the max rate to that and use the Auto Rate Family option?

Where do I find the family rate option you mentioned ? thanks

File>>Settings, bottom left.

What that option does is use a whole number multiple for upsampling. So if you set your max rate to 88.2 for example, HQP will upsample 44.1 tracks to 88.2 but leave 48 tracks alone since upsampling to 96 is above the max rate you set.

tboooe - Aha! I see your logic! I have no 48 kHz tracks, so they would stay as is. Thanks so much. I’ll give it a try. My goal is to see (hear) if HQP without the upsampling is better than Roon as is. – David

To avoid upsample for PCM you can set your filter to “None”.
(To avoid upsample for DSD, you can enable “DirectSDM” in DSF Setting menu.)
I suggest you to still employ some form of noise shaping - NSx, TPDF.