Navigating up and down a playlist

Is it just me, or the only way to scroll up and down a playlist is to grab the vertical scroll bar on the right and drag it up and down?

In other words, Page Up and Page Down and Home and End don’t work, and neither do Up and Down arrows???

And at night I dream about a search within the playlist. Or search within a Roon page like I can search within a web browser page - if I had an artist with 80 or a hundred albums, for example, OR, if I am looking at all the tracks of an artist and I am going blind trying to find a track from 200 tracks. Has this kind of search been requested as a feature?

I love Roon, but we still need to work on usability.


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Hey @G_Man,

You are correct it seems, page up/down and arrow keys do not work for playlists. I will open a ticket and talk to the team to see if we can do something about this, I suspect that most people including myself make use of a mouse wheel to navigate, so if your PC has a mouse wheel or a track-pad that should work for navigation.

As for searching the playlists, that is unfortunately not possible at this time, but you can most certainly open up a feature request to gauge community interest.


Thank you very much, Noris. And I will make a feature request for the searching.


Noris, this quote from a recent post confused me. I had read here that Roon did not pay attention to “community interest” as measured by the number of “me too’s” or “+1’s” posted.

One of you suggested that the number of readers is a better gauge of community interest, to which I ask, “really?” Many or most feature requests have their gist in the title of the post, so they don’t require reading. And I often open posts out of curiosity and not to record my support of the request.

And then, too, it has also be said here that this forum represents only a very small and unrepresentative portion of your user group.

So once an idea is posted, just which of our follow-on actions is being used to gauge interest? Or is anything being really gauged? Is this anything more than a sandbox for the active few to sound off?

Doesn’t mean that the subsequent discussion in a suggestion thread is wasted. The team might not measure by clicks but by cogent argument for a feature that fits in the general development path.
The team say they monitor and take note and I see no reason not to believe them.

Hello @John_V,

I am not in charge of monitoring the feature request section, that responsibility resides with the dev team. As @ged_hickman1 mentioned if the argument fits with our development path it would get more attention from the dev team and hopefully be added as a feature.

The comment that G_Man made regarding up/down arrows seems more like a bug to me instead of a feature request (since arrow keys work as expected in Track/Album browser) and that is why I have submitted this directly to the team.


ah, okay. We have no reason to believe otherwise, so it must be true.

Lost my mantra for awhile. my bad…

Hi @noris, any word on playlist navigation using keyboard keys?


Hello @G_Man,

I took a look at our internal tracker today, and I can see that your ticket is still in our development queue. This means our developers are still planning to look at this, but we don’t yet have a timeframe for when that’s going to happen.

Once the ticket has been scheduled and work begins, I’ll have a better sense of timing here. Thanks in advance for your patience!

– Noris