Need advice on Roon display

I want a dedicated display that Roon will show album artwork for currently playing music.

This would be a dedicated device. I would like it to be “set and forget” so I don’t have to touch it, it just works when I play roon in that room. Size should be 10" or so.

Is this doable? What should I buy?
Advice much appreciated.

John Darko just did a Pi based Roon touchscreen, but only 7” - don’t know if you can get larger ones

It’s on his website and YT

If a 7" screen is acceptable to you, RoPieee ( + Raspberry 7" DIsplay ( is perfect as a Roon display.

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I agree the 7" display on the RPi using Ropieee is what I do. It also serves as a limited control device (play pause skip forward back etc.) oh and a clock when it is not playing music if you want it to. you can also add a remote (OSMC, Flirc) to control the playback.

I kind of want an all-in-one solution. I don’t wanna have to have a display and a separate raspberry pie box. I’m assuming that’s what I would need to do what you’re talking about. I’m kind of a minimalist. I wanna clean look with minimal equipment if possible. I don’t I don’t wanna have to plug two different things in either.

Mine is all in one using a housing that contains the display, rpi, and hat. I put mine on a taller stand but the housing comes with a base that can be used.

I will link the parts once I get back to my computer.

Here’s a picture in the mean time.

Here is a link a case that would work ( SmartiPi Touch Pro - Case for The Official Raspberry Pi 7" Touchscreen Display - with Cooling Fan):

If you can handle two devices, just get an iPad to use as a controller and park it wherever you want. Otherwise if it has to be one box, get a basic notebook pc.

Fire HD 10 Plus with wireless charging dock is my favorite standalone display, followed by an old iPad Air sitting in a Twelve South BookArc stand (with a plug hanging off using a 90 degree lightning cable to help “hide” it)

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A 10” LED monitor (for CCTV security) and a Chromecast.
When not playing you can have the Chromecast screensaver images and time displayed, then the Roon “Now Playing” screen.
No need for touch control.

Or an old iPad Mini, in a case, with just a browser set to Roon display URL.

I like the Fire HD idea, they are very cheap and work well as a display/remote control. Only caveat is on the HD8 you may need to adjust the screen resolution to get Roon to display correctly. That is what I had to do on mine anyway. I would think the HD10 would work well without adjustment.

However that being said the RPi RoPieee is more seem less and less fiddling, it also presents the “now Playing” artwork and controls better for a nicer view what’s playing.

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