Need eq for reduce bass in my front left speaker floarstand

I have distortion on high volume
I have tune amp without bass /treble knob

Welcome to the Roon community, @phone_vikel.

For starters, please have a look at the following guides.

Roon Muse may or may not help with this. If the high volume distortion is in the amp stage or the speaker driver, you need an amp and speakers that can cope with the volume you are asking from them.

Hi @phone_vikel

Could you expand more on this for us to help further.

Just the left speaker?

Would suggest a speaker fault, loose cable or driver faulty.

its cable new
in front of him I have Cabinet
and I can’t move it

Try to use Google translate and be more verbal about your issue…

@phone_vikel In addition to Google Translate, a few photos would also help a lot.

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