Need help from Devialet Roon community

I’d like to work on a control interface where an Expert line Devialet box hooked up via USB to a Mac/PC/RPi, and Roon will magically control the Expert’s volume and power via its RS232 connection.

I’m thinking Roon -> USB -> Serial -> Expert RS232, but I can’t figure out the wacky serial->3.5mm cable!

Build one and send it to me and I’ll make sure you get to help test with a pre-release build (PM me for address)


show me where to buy one and I’ll buy it and thank you :slight_smile:


@Danny You mean like this…

Would this help?

Search rs232 on Devialetchat - a few people have written control interfaces / apps at various levels, and built cables.
Here’s one example.


I just noticed that they have released a new Expert line the Pro series. Do you know anything about it? How different is it from the previous version? Did they fix Air? Did they add Roon support?

Is that Dell cable standard to the same Devialet spec in the pdf @hifi_swlon posted? I see no spec.

@hifi_swlon – no way am I going to succeed in making any cable… plus, when I’m done, I need a place to point others to buy one, since you will all want one!

Not a Dell Cable, a Cable to Go (C2G) cable. I just copy/pasta’d the first one I’d found. It is also sold on Amazon.For 4 dollars less. Go figure.

Anyway, C2G is a pretty good company. On their website, the mapping of the cable:


What is the mapping from pin 2, 3, and 5 to 3.5 mm 1(closest), 2, and 3 (most rear/tip)?

• DB9 Pin 3 to 3.5mm Tip
• DB9 Pin 2 to 3.5mm Ring
• DB9 Pin 5 to 3.5mm Sleeve

Replied in new topic, probably ballsed it up on the iPad. :slight_smile:

Fair enough! Not my area of speciality. If you fancied posting over at Devialetchat you’d probably be welcomed with open arms and get some seasoned RS232 pros help you out.
Shame they don’t allow control over Ethernet. Maybe in ‘2017’ with the new OS? :wink:

Think that one will work? unsure what left/right/ground map to. I like the size of that one better.

Just fyi in case you glossed over it that is a female to 3.5 mm cable while @rugby linked is male to 3.5mm. The pin mappings do look to be the same between the two.

Hi @danny I was chatting to @mike about doing something similar a few days ago - let me know if I can help.

I have one of the following I can send you.

I bought it to do just what you intend to do using a windows machine, but never really got anywhere (got sidetracked with other things), I don’t even know it’s definitely the correct cable.

Anyway let me know if your interested.

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@Kevin_Hughes – thanks for the offer! I didn’t even think about the option of the FTDI USB chip built into the cable!. This is so great!

I just ordered this:

I’ll let everyone know how it goes… thanks!

UPDATE: this cable does not work… it is 5v and thats too high.

Glad to help.

I do hope you get this working, it would be great.

Have you asked Devialet if they are prepared to help with controlling it over the network? I assume you only need the controls that are already in the iOS and Android apps, power on & off, detemin if it’s on or off, input switching and volume control. This could then run on the core machine for everyone. But I guess they won’t help.

Their communication skills leave much to be desired.

A very polite ‘understatement’ :smiley:

UPDATE: this cable does not work… it is ttl/5v, and I need rs232.

Is it just the voltage being too high, or is there a protocol issue as well, I believe I bought the lower voltage version.


Anyway, I got the following two cables and it works… as soon as Roon API is stable, I’ll be letting you guys have a go at this stuff… it’s really cool.

Now that there is the Expert Pro line, I’m discussing getting the old demo 200 unit from my local hi fi shop.