New 'pro' models

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Thought I’d start a fresh one for this so as not to clutter Danny’s post…

Hey Rugby. Only as much as is being discussed over at Devialetchat (a fair bit so won’t repeat here). Current owners can (will be able to) upgrade for £3k per box (prices vary by region). Very few have heard one, and of those, most heard the 1000pro which is the first one out.

AIR Mac beta out, Windows beta promised this week I believe. Doesn’t seem 100% fixed on Mac but does seem much improved.

Devialet apparently mentioned Roon at a launch demo in a non commital ‘it has been discussed’ way. In any event it would require a new piece of hardware and new operating system which you supposedly get when you buy a pro, except it’s not ready until 2017 (allegedly) and no details. Like a pay now, and get some of it later type deal. Only Devialet.

Here’s one topic to get you started.
(I’d read from the end as it started right from rumours)

I won’t be bothering to update personally. A few are getting excited though - Devialet has some loyal followers.

(Edited to say Windows AIR3 beta now released so give it a week or so and it will be obvious whether it works or not)

And one pretty who does his best to knock them on every forum.

I forgot there’s no ignore list on Roon forums…

I don’t actually use that many forums, and I think the majority of my posts generally provide helpful information with (hopefully) a hint of humour and a balance to all the ‘Devialet can do no wrong’ crowd. I wish there had been more like me posting before I bought mine - might have saved me a lot of hassle.

You are of course free to offer your own helpful information and opinions - might be more useful than one line acerbic posts.

Thanks for the compliment BTW. I’m sure you’re not too bad looking yourself :wink:

Until last week they absolutely deserved to get knocked down on every forum! They made a public apology, and we all calmed down. They proceeded to release an idiotic upgrade pricing scheme a couple days ago and pissed people off again.

IMO, You go @hifi_swlon !

Ok for me, I’ve got a pair of D-Premiers :grinning:

I’d be happy as well but as a D200 owner I want to :cry:

note that our new AIR integration does not require the new Pro models. We went out of way to support AIR so we could support all the older Expert units.