Need Help Getting My Nuc Rock On My Network And Setup

hi guys im after a bit of help getting my nuc i7 with rock installed onto my network.
rock is installed on my nuc and roon installed on my pc for remote and finnish setup to and music find my av amp and add my credentials.
ive conected my nuc to the network with a ethernet cable,switched nuc on now im stuck as the nuc/rock dosent show up on my network my question how do i get it on the netwok and how do i get the address for the nuc rock and what do i need to do when i get it?
be gentle as im not the most pc expert.


got the ip address which i typed in and got into rock still doesnt show up on my network is there something in windows i need to do to get it to show up.


seems fine as i got into the rock via ip address

looks like im getting somewhere rock now on network,i have a wd mybook duo as storage i got roon scanning drive 1 as a watched folder is it best to let it scan drive one then do drive two as another watched folder when finnished?


running into trouble tried the roon remote on my pc which couldnt connect so uninstalled the roon remote from pc which stopped the scanning of my harddrive so reinstalled roon remote on pc which dosent show rock as a core to connect to only do you want to use use this pc as core.
it must be a windows issue firewall,ive turned the firewall off still wont connect,what should i do in windows 10 firewall settings?

these are my app settings

As a test, turn off all Firewalls and Anti-Virus, if Roon connects to the Rock then you know for sure that it is a setting on your PC. Re-enable them one at a time to see which is causing the issue. The Firewall setting might be fine, it could be your Anti-Virus causing issues.


turned off anti virus and firewall still get the message choose your core but the rock opton not there,ive clicked the option bottom of page configue roon os it just searches for ever.

just restarted pc and rock has dissappeared off pc.
anybody willing to remote in to check my settings as im at a loss and out of my depth in what to do?

adding @support so they might be able to help here.

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funnything just switched pc on this morning and rock has appeared[dont know for how long though] and ive manage to get rock to scan my external harddrive.

now roon says lost conection trying to reconect but my 8tb harddrive is flashing so i assume its still being scanned so should take awhile…

not sure what to do now

rock has dissappeared off my network again

24 hours later rock is on my network but will probaly dissappear later as yesterday,wd mybook duo 8tb is still flashing activity is this normal 24 hours later?
i can go in the rock on my pc except the storage as it says i might not have admin permission.
roon remote canot find my rock core stuck on searching.
i have somebody who is a bit more pc savy coming around today hopefully to have a look,what tips would you recomened to figure this out?

The initial, audio analysis and take quite a long time depending on the library size, storage speed, computer speed.


ive turned the nuc off as the guy can only get to mine next weekend but when ive turned it off and back on my wd drive activity light is flashing i dont know if its continuing scaning were it left off or trying to reconectect.
the nuc is a the latest one with i7 and wd mybook duo conected by usb.
the rock appears and then dissapears off my network and the roon remote cant find my core.
nuc was installed correctly and got the success message.
it must be a network issue as i have a microserver with whs2011 installed which has dissappeared of the network.
ive turn off all firewalls to no avail also avg antivirus off not sure about the inbuilt windows defender.
i have a amazon firebox which got on my network no problem.
im getting a bit worried as ive spent nearly £1000 on the nuc and lifetime which i thought the rock would conect to my network straight away,my lack off knowledge with firewalls and the such and pc settings causing me problems.
it would be great if somebody could remote and check over my settings would be great.

all sorted now a friend had to assign a static ip address for the rock.