Need Help Getting NAA Working

I decided to give HQPlayer a try, and am having some difficulties configuring it to run with Roon. Briefly, my system is an i5 NUC running Roon core, and two possible endpoints: Odroid C2 and a Pi3 with a HiFi Berry DAC Plus. Both of these are are running Diet PI. I was able to install NAA for the Pi3 from the Diet Pi software menu. I installed HQPlayer on my iMac (for now). Files are served up from my Synology NAS.

In HQPlayer, under Preferences I have the following set:

Also, the “Allow Control from Network” button on the top bar is depressed. Under this configuration, when I press play in Roon I get an orange message: Transport: Failed to open the audio device. It seems to me I am missing something. Do I have to let HQPlayer take control from Roon Bridge somehow? I would have expected to see an HQPlayer selection under Roon’s audio setup.

All help is appreciated in making this work.


Roonbridge is not needed.

You need to add the hqplayer address to roon. Localhost if the same machine or ip adress if a different machine.

Thanks Jeff. I did have the correct address for HQP, but apparently I wasn’t selecting HQPlayer for the zone. Stupid mistake, but all is working and sounds great.