Need help to get my first Roon Core Server

Hi, i am really struggling:) to order my Roon Server, this is what I do.

Cambridge Audio Edge NQ
Cambridge Audio Edge A

  1. DSD 265 Upsampling
  2. Listen 95% to Qobuz Studio Abo
  3. And 5% to some Albums on a external drive DSD 128 or 256 Files

No Multirooms or other DSP Settings i will need.

Over Network the Edge NQ suppprts only DSD 128, over the USB it’s DSD 256, right now I am using my Computer but its to loud and to power hungry.

Is it possible to upsample DSD 256 with the Nuc Rock over USB to DAC?

What is the minimum NUC for my usage?
Is the NUC8i5BEK + 8GB Ram + 120GB SSD enough?

Would get it for 300€, would love to save the money for a Nucleus hope for a new update version, since they are Intel 10 Gen CPUs out there.

Thanks for any help :pray:

The ROCK for small to medium libraries is all you need.

Hi Watachiwa

I use a 8i3 but I would not use a 7i3 or a 9i3 (if you look them up, you will see that intel boosted power on the 8 series i3 but didn’t on any since or before).

8i3 works withou a hitch so obviously the 8i5 will also. It will work fine with either Roon’s own OS (Roon Rock) or with Windows 10 and the Roon Core download.
8GB of Ram is also fine. You might want to start with a single stick of 8GB RAM (instead of two 4GB sticks), just in case Roon launch an updated version in the furture with eats more RAM, at which time you simply buy a second 8GB RAM stick.
120GB SSD is also fine for running Roon core and the OS. You will want to have the music files on a seperate SSD (or HDD).

If you connect the NUC to your Edge NQ via ethernet and a router instead of USB, you will get zero sound quality loss. So if all you will be doing is running Roon Core on the NUC, you don’t need to spend more. The Nucleus is very useful for people who can not build a NUC as it works out-of-the-box. However, there is no need for it whatsoever if you are comfortable building a NUC as the Nucleus will get you no better experience and no better music quality. I would suggest you spend your money on upgrading the bits that re-produce the sound (DAC, AMP, Speakers) rather than the Nucleus.

I don’t up sample to DSD 256 so I can’t answer that.

I hope this is useful. Good luck.

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Just got my NUC8i5BEK + 8GB Ram + Samsung 970 PRO M.2, BIOS Update to the latest, installed ROCK, just works amazing, love it. Put the Fans to 12% the NUC doesnt get hot and i cant hear it.
I purchased a Mini itx case that looks kind a Cambrige Style, would love to fit the NUC to the EDGE Style. Will modify the Top of the case, have to find someone for 3D print, for the dark gray are on the top and cut down the top panel, would be also good for cooling i thing. Sadly the Case will arrive in 20 Days, when i have new progress about the Mod i will post some pictures.

If someone has already experience in mod, very welcome to post some infos, about cooling the NUC passiv or changing the cooling system to a different one and 3D Print.

If there are any BIOS settings to improve the NUC, very welcome to hear it.

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