Need help to get Roon / Tidal streaming through my 818

After putting it off for months, I have finally taken the plunge! This morning I’ve downloaded and installed Roon (which I bought almost 2 years ago!) and subscribed to Tidal. My main interest at this stage is streaming MQA files from Tidal. Once I get that working, I will look to integrate my Sooloos library, but that can wait for now.

My M hardware is DSP5200SEs; 818V3; MC200 etc. Roon has been installed on a 64bit Windows PC, and in time I hope to install Roon Remote on my iPad Air.

I have found the ID41 in Settings; Audio (in Roon) and enabled this.

If I choose and play a track in Tidal, it currently comes out of the PC speakers.

Can someone help me get my get the download stream to come out of the 5200s via the 818?

Thanks in anticipation.


ps. Thanks also to VK, whose encouragement got me this far…

PM sent



Sincere thanks to Russ, who talked me through the settings needed to get me up and running.

I’m surprised by just how close I’d got, with helpful pointers from Joel last week. The main issue was getting Windows firewall to allow the Roon components access.

I also got Roon Remote working on my iPad.

To say I’m chuffed is something of an understatement…

Neil :slight_smile: