Need help with data base and content backup for 1.3 upgrade

ive been off line for a number of months during a move. i just got roon up and running again but my ipad controler wont work. it says i need to download 1.3 core software first. roon warns i should back up my data bases and my content before installing the soft ware. How do i do this?

roon Core is on a mac mini running maverick
ipad air for controller.
output is to a microrendu, Berkeley Alpha, Audio Note dac


Make sure you are running the latest version of the remote for iOS. I believe if one gets ahead of the other (core vs remote) or vice versa in terms of versions, there can be issues.

thanks. i was running 1.2 on core but my remote would not operate any more. i figured out how to update to core to 1.3 and now the remote works fine.