Need help with Tailscale to connect to Roon ARC service

Due to the ISP network infrastructure, I cannot use Roon ARC due to CG-NAT. So, I have looked at Tailscale to connect my mobile device to the PC that I used as a roon core and got confused.

How do I properly connect my mobile devices into PC with Tailscale such that I can utilize Roon Arc?

PC (with Tailscale) -
iPad (with Tailscale) -

So I wanted to connect my iPad to PC

Screenshot 2023-01-06 072400

and here is my roon core ip address.


You need to install tailscale on your mobile device and on your roon core (or a device in the same local network, in your case
On your mobile device, enable tailscale and sign into your tailscale account. This should be enough to get ARC to work (at least it was for me). Just start up ARC on your mobile device. No need to play around with port numbers.
NB: it seems wise to do ARC’s initial sync in your local WLAN before attempting to use it outside of it.