Need little help: Roon and JRiver together

Hi, don’t know if the problem have been already discussed, excuse me if yes.
I stored all my media files (video and audio) in a Synology nas using JRiver running on a computer to manage them.
I saw Roon software in a friend of mine hifi network and I liked very much.
The problem is: is there a way to use Roon for audio and Jriver for video on the same pc?
Or is any other solution you can suggest me?
Thank you
p.s. sorry for my english

I guess you can limit jriver to just import video/images and ignore the music files.

Personally I like and use jriver for music where I want to play to my local devices (iOS) and use Roon for my core recognized devices on bridges etc.

As jriver doesn’t play nice with appletv AirPlay Roon give me that for audio on the Atv’s

I do recommend you run headless server option for both Roon and jriver if you can especially if your hardware is average capability.

I do this on windows10 currently as I found jriver unstable still on the Mac and it didn’t support video on the Mac as a display if I recall…or at least no theatre mode.

Thank you for your reply Paul,
so if I understood correct you suggested to run on the same pc (I was thinking to change what I have now with the Sotm We server) JRiver and Roon? Would it be ok?

Sorry Im not familiar with the SOTM I’m using an i5-6500 CPU with SSD and 16GB DDR4 with library on a NAS

but a part the server (the Sotm is basically a pc) you run the two software on the same pc?
And it works without any issue?

If it’s running the right OS like Linux, Windows or OS X then yes it should work. I’m using Windows 10 professional