Need Urgent help with HQ player settings what should be changed

Hi Stephen here need help with HQ player settings and Sony TA-ZH1ES Headphone amp. What settings are best or a good starting point to use in HQ Player with my sony amp. Please Respond with all the best settings that would work good for my amp. Lost must have tried my Amp and HQ Player before in roon. This is the worlds most polular AMP.

Is it most popular amp? How do you know?

Try DSD256 with poly-sinc-gauss

ASDM5ECv2 or 7ECv2 if your PC can handle it. Otherwise ASDM5 or ASDM7

Share a screenshot of your HQP settings also !

should I use waspi backend settings or network card settings

Sony should provide ASIO drivers, and using DSD256 or DSD512 with EC modulators is best choice. ASDM7ECv2 if possible.

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Hi How do I enable DSD 256 or 512 in your program. Also here is a screensot of my settings please tell me what each setting should be set at and to what please every settings.

Hi Stephen
Change the default output mode from PCM to SDM(DSD)
Screenshot 2023-02-04 at 15.00.43

Screenshot 2023-02-04 at 2.53.31 PM
The settings depend on your computer, try, try and at some point you will get shutterings. That is the point where you lower your settings again. Take note also by the descriptions of various filters that are available on the HQP help (you’ll find that in the downloaded zip next to the app)
I’m a beginner but you can find lots of good info searching thru the HQP topics. And wait for better advice.

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What CPU is your HQPlayer machine?

You should read the manual. You’ll find it in the program folder.

On Windows and Linux, manual can be found from the OS Start-menu, in HQPlayer sub-menu.

On macOS manual is included straight in the DMG and one can drag it to the Desktop or somewhere else there.


I have an Intel processor i7 10 core processor

What is exact model

The specifications for your amp say:

DSD native (up to 22.4MHz) DSD DoP (up to 11.2 MHz) PCM (up to 768 kHz/32 bit)

I suggest changing SDM Pack to None as this amp has a higher DSD rate capability for Native than DoP.

22.4 MHz seems to be a misprint for 22.6MHz which is 512 times 44.1 kHz indicating that the DAC does not do 48k DSD rates. You should leave 48k DSD unchecked.

See here for a description of the 44.1/48k DSD issue.