Neil Young Archives, Vol 2

My wife gave me Neil Young Archives, Vol 2 for Christmas :slight_smile: and I was pleased to see that hi res downloads are avaialble from the Neil Young Archives in advance of the March release of the “retail edition”.

I downloaded the set and added it to my Roon library. I updated the album cover art from digital copies in Discogs (as I did earlier for Vol 1). What surprised me was my subsequent search for the “Neil Young Archives” on brought up the new Vol 2 as discreet albums, but all consolidated as one album with ten discs for the earlier Vol 1 (bottom left).

While there is still some inconsistency with the metadata between the two sets, I thought both would be pulled up in a similar fashion under a search of the “Neil Young Archives”.

Any reasons why Vol 1and Vol 2 would be retrieved differently? Also, while I attached the album artwork for each disc, some artwork is presented as the consolidated “Neil Young Archives” while others as the component parts as I intended? Not certain why that is.

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Did you get this figured out David?

Just noticed this is a 3 year old thead, but perhaps something in these threads can help…

Boxset disks:

Boxset artwork:

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Thanks so kindly @mikeb

I found a different thread where this issue was discussed (and it was far more complicated). But in the end, yes, I did get it resolved. :slight_smile:

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