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Apparently it is out of beta. How does the hi res get streamed to a home system? Anyone using this and integrating it with a Roon system?

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Roon would have to integrate this and right now they are a bit busy with the Qobuz integration. You will need to use another route until such time that NYA requests integration (a big if) and Roon is able to do it. NYA is hosted by Orastream and they use a different technology than Roon but they are really great people so if you like Neil’s music give it a try

I want to subscribe to NYA but waiting for Roon integration…c’mon get it together, if you can do it for Tidal, surely Neil can be roon readified?

I would suggest posting about it in the Feature Requests section.

Thanks, will do

I’m not asking for Roon integration like Tidal. I am asking how, via any method, one is streaming this hi-res material from NYA over a network to a DAC.

They use OraStream as the streaming tech. Neil and his team worked with them for quite some time before launching NYA. It was in Beta for a good while before going live. Is adaptive streaming - it will fit whatever it can into the bandwidth you have available.

Neil is aware of Roon BTW. Not sure that anything is brewing though.

The only way that I know of would be USB out of whatever computer that you run the NYA/Orastream app on. You could check with Orastream to see if they support UPNP/DLNA devices yet but I don’t think that they do.

This is from OraStream’s site:

There is more information on the site about output from Mac or PC. And an FAQ section which is helpful

IIRC OraStream have two linked technologies - one for streaming, one for download.

Looking to get a yearly sub as gift for my brothers birthday as he’s a big fan. Will it stream music from a phone ok. He wont care or even know about lossless and likely Bluetooth it to their speakers, will it work this way ok? Is the streaming only lossless as bit sure how resilient his internet or network are.

streaming works great from my phone (using NYA app) or laptop. And one can stream hi-res, lossless (CD quality), or lossy (320kbps mp3). There’s a selection option for this on every stream. So it should work well for your brother.

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Cheers Gary.

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