Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Sorry, but I posted the exact same instructions 4 different times in this Thread about how to access all NY’s Albums…from Buffalo Springfield to CSNY to NY to NY & CH

I really fail to see how I could have explained it any differently

And coming back to the main point here

I don’t believe {nor do many others, but not necessarily everyone agrees] that the Buffalo Springfield or Crosby Stills Nash & Young albums should appear under the “By This Artist” heading when viewing a NY “solo” album such as Harvest…and they shouldn’t appear there as these Buffalo and CSNY albums are Collaborations…even if an argument can be made that Neil Young was the most significant contributor

And IMHO, the same argument can be made for not allocating all of the NY & CH albums to Neil Young…and he’s said so on many occasions

By contrast, I would argue that ALL Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band albums should be attributed to Bruce Springsteen as the Main Artist…as the distinction there is very clear

All the OP was asking for is to have Zuma under Neil Young ’ s main albums, just like Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere… please tell me why EKTIN is on that list but Zuma is missing when they are made by the exact same band, it could just be a simple error in the metadata database… maybe I missed something but that was all that was asked, but I think you made more out of it.

I’m just interested in the NY & CH albums being dealt with consistently. They aren’t. Same for Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit.

Just curious, Ronnie, where would you put Neil Young & Crazy Horse Live at Fillmore East? Roon puts it under Neil Young.

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I agree with you. BS and CSNY should only be in the “Appears On” list and I think that is where they are located on Neil’s page.

First off everyone – let’s keep it civil. I’m told our forum software has both “warn” and “ban” features, but I’ve never had to use either, and I’d like to keep it that way.

Second – in many of the cases discussed here, there’s no right answer. A given album may have been released at a time when an artist was performing with a group or under a different name – to what degree you want the sorting of your collection to reflect these changes is really a matter of personal preference.

The important thing is that the data model in Roon be able to handle these distinctions, and we’re working on that, along with editing. These features will allow for significantly more customization and flexibility, so know that we hear your frustration guys. These threads are really helpful for us as we build out the feature set, so hopefully it’s clear that I’m not trying to discourage respectful discussion. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

For now, I’d encourage everyone to set aside some time to read the comments in this thread, which touches on some of the questions raised above, and which our team found incredibly insightful.


Thanks, Mike. For all the comments, especially the first one. The link to the thread discussing Miles Davis is informative and useful. I hope you all continue to go down that path and I hope users get the ability to fix the oversights we find in our collections. A lot of us have spent years getting the metadata right in our collections and to find it not used in Roon is disappointing.