Neil Young’s online music archive [Hi Res Streaming request]

Removed. Removed. Removed.


+1 for this.

I have no idea if the scheme that Neil Young has selected is something that is or will be used elsewhere. I just wasted a couple of hours trying to get the hi-res stream into my Devialet via AIR, but no luck. A Roon solution would be marvellous.

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Interesting take. This is probably what he originally envisioned the Pono store to look like.

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He clearly cares about the sound quality of his recordings, but I can’t find a way to bring that into my system. I’ve tried a variety of computers, Windows and Mac, and with Devialet AIR and USB, but they all sound rubbish compared to playing the same thing through Tidal/Roon/AIR.

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Look & Feel is almost an exact copy of the Archives Vol 1 set. Still an interesting idea.

My only hope is that not more performers will go a route like Neil. Own site, archive, full control. Springsteen has his archive at nugs…

This will splinter streaming even more.

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I agree with the question. How to stream NYA through Roon to my audio system?

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Tag any ideas?

Just to clarify. This Request relates to the Neil Young Archives (NYA), available at:

The NYA streams via browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Opera) using Xstream by NYA, which is built on the OraStream platform.

The devs will see this Request. They may or may not comment on it, but the above details will help them understand it. There may be licensing issues as well as technical issues because although the NYA are free to stream by individual users, streaming through commercial software like Roon may be treated differently.