Neither Benchmark DAC3 HGC or Schiit Modius show up in "Find your device" in Device Setup

I own both of the above DACs. Neither shows up in Settings/Audio/Device Setup/Find Your Device in Roon, although earlier models from the same manufacturers (e.g. Benchmark DAC2 HGC and all other Schiit DACs) are visible. Is the delay on having these models appears due to the manufacturers or Roon Labs? To be clear, this is not the end of the world, just a minor irritation. FYI I’m streaming to the Modius from Roon server over my wired network using an Allo USBridge,

I did find that my Allo USBridge signature was not being recognised. I use Ropieee and I switched the update to the beta channel. This seems to have fixed things with Roon 1.8 recognising it consistently.
You never know - this might help you?

Tim - thanks very much for the suggestion. Apologies for my ignorance, but how do I switch the update to the beta channel? To be clear, I’m running DietPi on the USBridge. I have heard good things about Ropieee and plan to try it but haven’t got around to it yet - enjoying listening to music too much. My bad :slight_smile:

That’s a feature of Ropieee.
Maybe an opportunity for you to switch to RopieeeXL - the version with HQPlayer support and airplay. Have not looked back since I shifted from DietPi to Ropieee.
Not much to lose - give it a go. Maybe it’s some cache issue in Roon server (I use Roon Rock) and changing the install on USBridge might have flushed the cache (just blindly guessing!).
Takes very little time to update the SD card, but you do need to do this on a Mac or Windows machine. I use belenaEtcher (google it) and it works a treat. Obviously, you will need a micro SD/USB adapter to connect the card to Windows.
Happy to help if you decide to go ahead and hit any problems (but I really do not think you will).

I’m on it! Will let you know if I run into issues, and report back either way next week. I appreciate your generous offer of help - thank you.

Might try it myself. To go from Ropieee to RopieeeXL. I’m not running into any problems right now, but I’m curious about some of the other options and features offered on the XL.


Yeah, I’m rocking pretty much the same setup–> Allo USB Sig, running Roonbridge on DietPi, to Benchmark DAC3 HGC, and the Roon database only contains older versions of the hardware. This is only a cosmetic annoyance–functionality does not seem to be impacted in any way. Still, the hardware has been out for quite some time now, so I don’t understand why Roon haven’t added these items to their database.

BTW, just a comment on RopieeeXL; the author of Ropieee, who is quite active in these forums, recommends NOT running XL unless you need the additional features (DLNA, Airplay, etc.). The reasoning, I suppose, is that the XL versions runs additional processes–more complexity and overhead. If you want a lean, mean RAAT endpoint for running Roon, stick to the plain vanilla Ropieee version.