Neither Formation Audio Streamer nor A5 Speaker Found By Roon [Fixed]

Everything was going swimmingly on Friday, then I went away for the weekend and came back Monday to find my Formation Audio streamer and A5 Airplay speaker both inaccessible to Roon.

I’ve tried resetting the A5 to no effect. I also just installed an update to the Formation Audio, again to no effect.

Does anyone have any experience with Roon + these products? Side question: is there a general B&W community support site? Replies to my emails to the support team are usually either unhelpful or non-existent. Thx

There was just a firmware update to Roon, so be certain to update any remote apps you may be using (on your phone, tablet, etc.) along with your Roon core. This will likely resolve it for you.

All my Formation products are working as normal…

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I did a Roon Remote update last week - has there been another since then?

In any case I have the Roon app on my MBP and it’s not finding the Formation Audio there either.

How do you update the Core?

Could this be part of the problem?

UPDATE: After trying absolutely everything else I turned the router off and on and have a fix.

Glad you got it sorted. And yes, there was another update just a day or two ago. I think we’re on build 918 now…

Settings > About. You’re looking in the right place, so rebooting the router may have been what you needed in order to get automatic updates installed.

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