Network Access problems using 2 routers


i am using two TP-Links routers -
VR-600 – as DSL modem plus router (incl WiFi access)
Archer C6 - in access point configuration

I can access Roon only via the access point
Both routers with subnet
Can you pls suggest


Wireless access

There shouldn’t be two actual routers if one of them is configured as AP. The AP should get it’s IP-address and netmask via DHCP from the router. As you write that connections via the C6 in AP-mode work, then this seems to be ok.

Make sure that you not use the guest WiFi of the VR600. If you need further help, you might have to provide more information about your setup, at best supported with some screenshots.

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I fail to access roon via the wireless networks of the VR600-using iPhone and iPad.

Internet access and other function are working good via both archer C6 and VR600

set the C6 to bridge connections, not be a new subnet

your discovery packets are not flowing across the router


No, both routers have the same subnet mask. That is not the same as the same subnet.

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After further investigation I notices that i fail to access my ROCK only when i am using the IOS/IpadOS remote app connected via the main router/modem VR600 WiFi (N or G)…
I managed to use my MAC notebook via the same WiFi (VR600) w/o any problem.

As for the iPhone/Ipad remote i limit my access via the Archer C6
Any suggestions?


Make sure one of the routers is in bridge mode. Give the bridge router an IP address like as a static IP address, and you should be good to go.