Network or connectivity problem interferring with tidal playback

Whenever I try to play a track in Tidal via Roon I get the message A network or connectivity problem in interferring with Tidal playback (or comething similar. The message disappears after a few seconds). This is about 25 to 35 seconds into every track. I am in New Zealand and have run a speedtest to Los Angeles and get 26.32 Mbps download and 85.57 Mbps upload.

I am running roon on fedora 23 on a 64bit Atom based NUC with 4gig of ram

I am on trial versions of both Roon and Tidal and its not looking good at the moment.

What happens when you are just running the Tidal app? Are you getting the same connectivity issues?

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No issues just running tidal. This only happens running tidal through Roon.

@Tony_Reimann — Thank you for the report and my apologies for troubles here. This is indeed a very strange issue you are experiencing.

I see you’ve provide some insight on your setup (roon on fedora 23 on a 64bit Atom based NUC with 4gig of ram), thank you for that information :+1: I would like to expand on this a little bit further and get an idea of what your network configuration is like. Can you please describe, in detail, the topology of your network (chain of communication between your devices) and any networking hardware you may be working with (routers, extenders, repeaters, switches, powerline adaptors etc). The more detailed you can be, the better :sunglasses:


The NUC is connected via ethernet to an unmanaged gigabit switch, which in turn is ethernet connected to one of the 4 ports on my Netcomm NF8AC which acts as a wireless access point and the router for my fibre internet connection. The NUC is also usb connected to my Triode T1 DAC.

Hi @Tony_Reimann ----- Thanks for the follow up and taking the time to answer my questions. Both are appreciated!

I would like to propose a small test to see if we can trigger a change in behavior here. I would like you to please connect your NUC directly to your router via ethernet, launch the application, and confirm if you are experiencing the same issue(s) with TIDAL playback.

Furthermore, can you please confirm how big of a library you are working with. I noticed your NUC is Atom based and this may prove to be an issue depending on how big of library you are managing as seen here.

"CPU cache is also really important to an app like Roon. Some CPU series (Celeron, Atom) are severely cache constrained. Once you get into Core i5 territory, there’s enough cache to go around, and as usual, a top-end CPU will confer an incremental performance benefit above that.

If you are curious as to what we recommend I have provided a link to our minimum system requirements page.


Hi Eric,

First the good news. Before connecting the NUC to the router directly I tried Tidal via Roon again and it worked fine. Thinking about it I suspect the problem was Roon was still building its initial database when the problem occurred and now a couple of days on the build is complete. This is probably because the atom based NUC didn’t have enough resources to play the tidal stream and build the database at the same time.

As regards the atom NUC is is running fine in normal use now with no dropouts or stuttering. For the test of the Roon software I only imported about a third of my library to DAS on the NUC. I have my complete library on a NAS. The size of the Roon library for testing is 1408 albums, 20477 tracks, 646 artists, 15371 lyrics found, 6644 reviews and bios and 5863 images. My next test is to change the library to my NAS and see how the NUC handles that.

I am prepared to buy new hardware but for testing purposes just used what I had lying around and the atom NUC had a 1Tb SSD so seemed ok for test purposes.

One thing you don’t say in your minimum system requirements page is the minimum SSD space required for the Roon install. I say this as I have several 32Gb SSDs lying around but you guys talk about 64Gb and above. Seems silly to buy another if I don’t need to.

Thanks for your help. This can be marked solved now I think.

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SSD size for Roon database will be dependant on the size of you library.

My Roon library is around 5-6GB with a library size of around 13500 Albums 155,000 tracks

So maybe its worth a try on 32GB if you keep the OS free for just Roon. Im using Win 10 Pro

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