Network Player for Roon


I’m new to this community and far from an audiophile of any sort… So please forgive any stupid thing I’m going to say in advance :smile:
I decided to invest in RoonLab tech since I think it is a great ecosystem and sounds terrific!

I’m currently listening it straight out from my QNAP connected via USB to my Denon PMA1600.
Sound quality is outstanding, but I was guessing if investing in a dedicated network player could improve things further…
I’m asking this because the direct connection causes a nasty ground loop that generates a perceivable hum noise into the Denon’s phono stage.

So maybe a new peripheral could break this ground loop.

Any suggestion about compatible network players?

Last question: can Roon see a DLNA compatible source as endpoint?


Cheapest is a raspberry pi.
More expensive are the SOTM sMS200 or the microRendu.

Roon doesn’t do DLNA. Reasons why have been discussed in numerous threads on this forum.

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There are many endpoint options. Check out the Roon partners link, you should find sometimes that fits your needs. As Jeff said, Raspberry pi player is the cheapest option. They are available in digital or DAC models.

Ok, perfect… It makes sense.
Different protocol.

So far (reading the list there) there is something missing in the “middle”…
Cheap solutions such as the Raspberry (not suitable in my case) and top hi-end audiophile solutions (with poor worldwide distribution).

I think I’ll stay with the current combo…


Checked an Intel NUC?

InstallWindows, run RoonBridge, controlled by a device of your choice. Price range is from 400$ onwards.

You can get DLNA with Roon with some workarounds but its not officially supported. Why not Raspberry Pi they are great as music players and are equal to most of affordable Hifi components and with Touchscree support in Ropieee its getting better all the time.

The sonicorbiter at $298 is somewhat in the middle. Works great very simple to set up, only Ethernet network connection though.

+1 on the Sonicorbiter SE.

Note that if you’re somewhat DIY inclined, you could save some money by purchasing a CuBox-i — the same hardware the Sonicorbiter uses. Then load up a Linux distro (the CuBox folks seem to like Debian), install Roon Bridge, and you’re off to the races.

If you’re not DIY inclined, then the SOSE is a good way to go. Super easy to set up.

Even easier to get a i7 2012 MAC Mini off of EBay, run it on 12 volts DC, and its the quietest source I have found. Put RoonServer on it, control it with a iPad, get yourself a great DAC and you are set!

Thank you all guys!

The solutions you’re suggesting are very interesting.
The storage is not a problem, I’m using a QNAP HS-251+ and works as a charm with Roon.

The internal dac of my Denon is pretty fine too (basically it is an external dac put into the PMA chassis that can be bypassed easily)

The problem at this point is the ground loop.
But maybe you’re right… More than a Network Player I should try a pure external DAC…

I was pretty intrigued by the dual mono design of the Pioneer that seems to be a real bagarin for the price.


Don’t put all this effort into a set-up to sell it short with your DAC choice. From my experience, to get digital files to sound their best, you need a R2R DAC as opposed to a Delta Sigma DAC like are in my Oppo gear. I got a incredible DAC and use it instead of the ESS Sabre 9018 Chip. I had been told it was a Harsh & Strident sounding DAC …sounded great to me. Then I got a R2R DAC and the difference is astounding!!! I now listen to many more hours of music than I ever have is 40 + years of this crazy hobby!

I hear this astounding difference on both my Speaker set up and my HP set-up as well…With my HP set -up the ONLY change I made was the DAC inside the HA-1…like I have said…incredible difference!


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The Schiit Multi-bit DACs make very nice music.

+1 Here…I did not reveal my DAC because I tend to go on about like some shill…but yes my lovable Yggy is the best change I have made to system. My other big change is my Dirac Room Correction …but for me Roon + Yggy = Nirvana!

Love that Schiit stuff. I was shopping for a Yggy, and lucked into a mint gently used Gumby at a great price. Decided the extra $1500 could be spent elsewhere.

Also have a Meridian Prime Headphone Amp for MQA listening.

I looked at DIRAC and when I decided to change out my AVR (prepro). I went with an Anthem MRX 720 AVR. Really like the ARC room correction. It was a move up from my Yamaha. That DIRAC system looks very nice.

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Yep… Gungnir seems to be a pretty awesome product. Will try to find a way to liste to it…


If you listen to the Gungnir, make sure you listen to the “Gumby” version, as it’s far superior to the DS version (AKM DAC chip instead of Multi-bit)!

Robert, great that you found one…because of their sweet sounds, you don’t see many Gumby’s or Yggy’s on the used market!

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Well… I cannot see the term “Gumby” anywhere in the website.
I guess it is a nick name you’re using maybe?

For sure I’m going to listen the Multibit version.

Gumby is short for Schiit Gungnir Multibit. It’s a mighty sweet multibit DAC.

There are two options…Gungnir and Gungnir Multibit. Multibit is the one you want. Yggy (Yggdrasil) is the best DAC Schiit offers and Gumby is a great little brother to the Yggy.