Network Port Exclusivity


I have Roon running on a 1815+, it has 4 network port all ports are wired to a switch, i have a dedicated (wired to the switch) wireless router that only my devialet connects to.

My question is: Is there any way to take one of the network ports and assign them exclusivley only to be allowed to be used by roon and the wireless router that connect to my devialet?

I want to do this so that roon doesn’t have to compete with all other traffic going through the NAS.


Sure, no big deal! Simply assign fix ip adresses out of two different adress ranges. Let’s say your LAN is …, while your dedicated LAN for roon means for example (LAN Port 4 on your QNAP) and for your roon client/player. The result provides dedicated audio connection realizec by LAN. This basically works great, especially for roon system.


I don’t think the lan ports on the Synology are able to work this way. Qnap might be different tho

Seriously, I‘m really surprised positively by myself that this thing works on my qnap ts-269 pro NAS. At all a very cool solution: streaming simply from the NAS by direct dedicated LAN connection to the roon endpoint. It works like a charm in a way like dual audio pc setup without firing up a second machine! :+1:t2:

„Wasted“ time fighting quite complex dual audio pc setups and related software tweaks… still amazed about the power and reliability of the roon platform! :blush:


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