Network problem with LinuxMint 20

Currently trialling Roon Server on LinuxMint 20 prior to committing to a year’s subscription (maybe lifetime). The Server’s installed on my Intel NUC6 and following all instructions is up and running with no hitches - all dependencies are satisfied. Using Roon Remote as Control, installed on an Amazon Fire tablet. Again, no problems connecting to Control and it gets straight through to my Qobuz account - everything plays just fine.
The problem arises with my USB library attached to my Windows 10 PC on the first floor. The Linux box is on the ground floor and both are wired to the router. However when I try to add the network share using either the share name or the IP address it comes back with (the helpful) “There is an unexpected error: UnexpectedError”. There is no login required for the library, nor is there a workgroup.
As the very same share details works fine with Plex Server, I just can’t understand why I’m experiencing this problem with Roon. I note that the LinuxInstall instructions states that “if you intend to use Roon’s network folders feature, the mount.cifs command must be available in your PATH”. I’ve looked everywhere under Mint’s hood, but nowhere can I find the relevant line. Before I decide - reluctantly - to dump Roon as too much of a headache is there any way to resolve this nightmare?

I think your USB drive with music files needs to be plugged into your Roon core server.

Can you see the USB attached library from the Mint OS? Also, can you share details of the file share and the settings under Roon Settings > Storage? Have you installed cifs-utils?

Thanks Jim_F. That wouldn’t resolve the issue. However… I circumvented the whole fershlugginer thing by switching the Roon core to the Win 10 PC (to which the library is attached) and using Remote to connect to my Denon AVR. Problem solved (and that’ll larn me to try and concentrate everything on the Linux box!).

Thanks Martin. As you’ll see from my reply to Jim_F I took the coward’s way out and bargained with the MS devil! FWIW (a) Mint could certainly see the library - it had no problem with Plex (and, yes, Roon does sound a whole lot better) and (b) cifs-utils was installed by Mint as standard - but it took some digging under the hood to establish this.

I would think it would be desirable to run Roon on your NUC as opposed to a Windows 10 computer. Anyway, glad you got it working.