Network Streamer recommendations?

Martin, I currently have a Lumin D2 and was wondering if there was a noticeable difference when you upgraded from the D1 to the A1?

Hi Dan,
Yes there was, more than I could have hoped for really.
I was actually more than happy with the D1 at the time I stumbled accross the opportunity to upgrade. The D1 just sounded absolutely great in my Linn Majik system, and I really couldn’t fault it.
However, when the A1 was plumbed-in, everything just became more ‘immediate’. The bass seemed to gain an octave down below, and the music became more ‘ordered’, with almost a jump in resolution. It was as if the D1 in comparison to the A1 was a little ‘fuzzy around the edges’. With the A1, it just feels like you’re closer to the music, with a seemingly quieter background and more coherent presentation.
Have you the opportunity to upgrade?

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I second that. I have 3 Lumin D2 units. They now replaced all my other DACs. They’re that good. The software is great, regularly updated, and they handle every format you throw at them, even MQA (if you are into that sort of thing).


Great feedback Martin, thanks. A local shop has the Lumin A1 for a little over $5,000 US and it caught my attention. I love the D2 and run it through a Luxman amp and Proac tower speakers. Very natural analog sound, but I’m always itching to upgrade which is what this hobby tends to do to us I guess! I’ve had the D2 for about 3 years now.


Hi Dan,
Just to mention that the A1 can’t process anything above DSD64, and in essence it’s now a discontinued/legacy model.
I just thought I’d mention it, in case it’s relevant.
Lumin have be great at upgrading the A1 with all the latest firmware since its launch six years ago, but maybe there will come a time in the future when it doesn’t get the latest firmware upgrades, like newer models like the D2. It that’s a concern, I’ve heard great feedback about the T2, which features a newer chipset.

That’s great to know Martin! Thanks again

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Take a look at the INNUOS v3 range.
As you have a large CD collection you can rip it with the unit.
It works as Roon Endpoint and/or Roon Server and you can add the DAC of your choise (USB).

Here’s what a customer said about upgrading his Lumin D2 to Lumin T2:

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Simaudio 280D with Mind2 streamer option. About $3k

Proud owner of the Lumin D2.