Network usage with a NAS and Roon

I have been getting notices from Comcast about my data usage.

Started as I began using NUC with Roon Rock and using my NAS as my music storage.

Am I correct in assuming the tracks from the NAS are counting as network use and explains why my data usage is up?


I don’t think the tracks themselves would count against your Comcast monthly limit as long as your are streaming them from your NAS to endpoints inside your home on your home network but the metadata ( especially album covers and artist images ) downloaded from Roon to your database would count. Also any streaming from Tidal or Quboz would count against your cap.

I live in Memphis Tennessee and use Comcast / Xfinity. I have a 1 TB ( 1024 KB ) monthly data cap. I stream from YouTube ( some 4K ), Vudu ( some 4K ), Netflix ( 1080P now ), Prime Video ( some 4K ) as well as Tidal via Roon. My Roon library contains 13,692 tracks in 895 albums.

My monthly usage for the last 4 months has been less than 600 KB per month.

I’m single so it’s just me streaming so it is rare for me to be streaming audio and video at the same time but I will occasionally leave Roon streaming in one room and end up in another room streaming something else.

What does your monthly usage look like compared to your monthly cap?


Didn’t realise caps where still a thing. Tracks from you Nas will not contribute to your internet usage as they don’t go out of your local network. Metadata and searching and Radio as they do go outside your network will add but I would not think much really. Tidal and Qobuz streaming will obviously use a lot.

No, tracks playing from your NAS are not impacting your data usage. Perhaps, due to recent changes in Roon 1.6, the updated album art and artist pictures which Roon is downloading in the background is. This is only a temporary situation though.